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A setlist or set list is an ordered list of songs, jokes, stories and other elements an artist intends to present during a specific performance. Some fans enjoy collecting these on their websites for performances they've attended along with documenting the venue/checkins, and providing photos, essays, reviews, and (bootleg) audio.

IndieWeb Examples

  • Chris Aldrich has an example of setlists using simple ordered lists for Hall & Oates and Squeeze which he posted on 2021-10-13

Examples in the wild

Silos is a setlist silo wiki-like service that allows people to create and edit performance lists for various artists and can include performance dates, notes, and venues. Users can also indicate concerts they attended in the past and interact with each other relating to their experiences.

Concert Archives

Concert Archives, "the social network & diary for concert lovers" is a silo that has functionality for setlists, photos, videos, checkin history, and other related statistics for concerts one might attend.

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