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sparkles is a Micropub client that supports posting articles, notes, replies, likes, rsvps, photos, bookmarks, movie watch, book read posts, music listens, and game plays to your site. Created by benji.

sparkles can also be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on supported devices which will add some quick action options and make the app available as a share target.

sparkles is deployed to Netlify. All source code is available on GitHub.

screenshot of sparkles showing the post type options

Experimental Post Types


Log movies watched and optionally rate and/or review them. OMDB API is used for search.


Mark books as "reading", "want to read", or "finished reading". Optionally rate and/or review is available when marking as "finished". Open Library Search API is used for search.


Creates listen posts by artist, albums, or individual songs. General search is handled by the iTunes Search API. Additionally when selecting an album or a song, uses the Songling/Odesli API to get songlink/albumlink URLs.


Create play posts which can be marked as "playing", "want to play", or "played". Uses Giant Bomb API for search.

Additional Features

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