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Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an open messaging standard, perhaps best known in its use for cross-platform instant-messaging application interoperability.

The core part of XMPP is now an IETF RFC: RFC-6120.

Up until recently the XMPP world and the Web world rarely crossed, but now thanks to work on stanza.io and XMPP-FTW you can now "talk" XMPP directly from the web.


XMPP has a PubSub protocol for social-networking, as defined in XEP 0060.

The two most advanced social-networking applications built on XMPP are Movim and Salut à Toi. Both provide a gateway to expose the content on the web, with public access for public content.


All content throughout the XMPP network has a unique URI. Here's a list of common URI representation of resources:


General issues:

  • massive spec
  • no one has ever fully implemented it
  • there's no comprehensive (or even feature covering) test suite
  • everyone who tries to implement it, only ever implements a subset of it
  • interop requires testing with every implementation you want to interoperate with (instead of just with a standard test suite)

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