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Create Day Intro has the organizational details for day two of IndieWebCamp West 2020.

The details below were archived from the etherpad at https://etherpad.indieweb.org/2020-West-Projects which was used for people to announce what they were going to work on for the day as well as to organize groups of people who wanted to work on similar projects or needed help on similar topics.


Need help brainstorming or making something? Try checking in or asking at:

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Redesign person-tagging for consent and respect

Might want a room for this. Going to warm up some lunch.


Also side-effects:

Bookshelf on my website

  • Building a Bookshelf
    • Greg McVerry
    • I want a bookshelf where the cover flips and brief summary of book review is on back with link to longer post
    • currently working at: https://codepen.io/smashingmag/pen/xxGKLZO
    • thinking shelf will be an h-feed with each entry and h-entry unless I add a star review and then it becomes h-review

Wikifying Yourself

Need help getting yourself settled on the wiki? We'll go through some wiki-related pieces to help get people started. See also wikify

An IndieWeb Sandbox

What can be done with free tools to give folks something to try-before-they-buy? Planning to look at neocities.org for hosting static HTML/files and glitch.com for the active glue for IndieWeb building blocks like Micropub, IndieAuth, and more.

Marty McGuire has some brainstorming here: https://indieweb.org/User:Martymcgui.re/IndieWeb-Sandbox very slowly starting a glitch project here to work through some of the onboarding ideas: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/sapphire-sulky-clover

Adding a user hovercard

(on reply/single.html page on Micro.blog )

Using .Params.reply_to_avatar and .Params.reply_to_username to the hovercard. Hopefully, can find a way to add more things by the end of day.

Including Avatars in Webmentions

Create an h-card that includes my site avatar when I share a webmention response from my site to another user

Example of a current webmention: https://www.linuxbookpro.com/webmention-post-to-chris-aldrich/ The anonymous avatar that resulted: https://boffosocko.com/2020/03/26/55769669/#div-comment-283246 Ideal Result would be an icon hosted on my site such as WordPress' "custom-logo" or a specfic image such as linuxbookpro-192x192-1.png

RSS / Webmentions using IFTTT

  • Specific focus on Using RSS Feeds to send automatic webmentions with IFTTT
  • ... would like to create several RSS Feeds (by content) and use them to trigger an IFTTT action to a webmention endpoint
  • https://paulopinto.page
  • paulopinto


Light/Dark theme selector

  • David Bryant - Several sites demoed yesterday had selectors to let visitors chose light or dark theme based on an in-page control, and I'd like to add that to my site (www.disquisitioner.com). I've done some preliminary investigating (e.g., https://mxb.dev/blog/color-theme-switcher/) and, given my site is based on Eleventy, propose to use a combination of Nunjuck templating and HTML data-attributes (which are new to me).

Better blog post design

  • Aaron Parecki - I haven't been super happy with my blog post page design lately so I am making a few changes to it

Fixing up Webmention stuff

Getting started in IndieWeb!

  • Rebelle - Figuring out where the door is. ;) If Micro.blog is good enough for now, as I don't have a hand-coded site yet. Though I did create an html page that loads properly everywhere, with zero CSS, because I was mad at crappy CSS everywhere.

Investigating Web Rings

  • as a possible SDI solution for the Nocode movement, where I am based
  • Rebelle - Multiple conversations this week with the leaders of Nocode, as Amazon launches their Honeycode (?) product. How to record the rapid development so far, and catalog 100s of new projects every day when the entire field, by definition, has little understanding of html. Is a web ring a possible solution?

WordPressy Stuff

David Shanske

  • Updated each repo as I worked on it to use a trunk instead of master branch
  • Fixed URL rewrites to allow pagination in onthisday and kind based date archives
  • Fixed URL rewrites to allow map views on any taxonomy or user
  • Backported various tweaks into IW26 upstream from TwentySixteen and _s
  • Added simple map view link to various archive pages inside theme
  • Updated Syndication Links for WordPress to support Reddit as an option, merged some PRs and refreshed the icon set

Demo URLs:

Update daily photo work flow

Cathie LeBlanc

Update my daily photo work flow

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