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Beyond HTTP was a session at IndieWebCamp SF 2019.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/indienext

IndieWebCamp SF 2019
Session: Indienext
When: 2019-12-07 11:40



  • Indienext
  • Beyond HTTP
  • how to bridge some of these
  • what can we learn from Secure Scuttlebutt, and projects like that
  • people can just start by installing an app
  • that's what it boils down to
  • install, and you're already in
  • next, where do you go to find people
  • in SSB, the first people you meet are your bias
  • how do we do heterogenous discovery
  • how not to only be a giant recommendation engine
  • SSB focus is not on heavy social interactions
  • but more about bringing it into places where it doesn't work
  • people could connect in the same room even without internet
  • the network replicated
  • concern: if i can't see what i'm replicating, what if i'm replicating bad stuff?
  • storage - i'm storing other people's stuff
  • indieweb assumes an online-ness
  • ssb assumes no-internet at the start
  • which means you're in control
  • how to fold that into indieweb context
  • how to find and follow people
  • goal - how to interface w/ ssb while still on the indieweb
  • eg: hub that pulls news from wikipedia and posts to ssb so the conversation can happen there
  • darius kazemi
  • bot that takes rss and pushes to activitypub
  • that's an angle
  • microsub - would love to see active news in the way it's on twitter
  • want to see reactions from that platform
  • be able to see traction/activity/statistics
  • ActivityPub space - people building bridges
  • twitter, instagram, newsletter
  • gRegor's goal - get off facebook by new year
  • been archiving posts
  • want to give family a way
  • they're not going to set up a reader
  • one-time password
  • roll my own newsletter
  • i have things everywhere
  • want to just have one firehose feed
  • fb groups are the hardest
  • fb groups for events and activism
  • ease of joining
  • i just want things to work
  • easy for the racists to organize too
  • whatsapp groups
  • subscriptions
  • can be passive or active
  • subscription vs follow
  • follow is a publicly broadcasted event
  • subscription is a private event between you and author (sometimes)
  • agenda here - how to begin to make actual groups
  • ssb - hashtag as channel
  • propagates further that way
  • activitypub - can use hashtags
  • that's how i use mastodon
  • follow hashtag, eg new york
  • sex workers moved to mastodon from twitter, use that for location
  • how to make groups
  • how are they defined
  • how to discover groups
  • indiewebonline
  • can see who's a member of a group
  • if you webmention to a page, it shows you
  • it's not a group per se
  • groups have baggage - moderation, etc
  • that's not the case here
  • do i have to have it on my site?
  • can we have indiegroups - some external service?
  • groups are incentive to come back
  • hey look what i made
  • i can't throw it out to the ether and that's cool
  • but with a group i know i'll get more directed feedback/interaction
  • biggest takeaway: need to make groups work on indieweb
  • bridging dat to indieweb
  • super hard
  • wrote something that pushes out to dat
  • shows replies
  • needs to work without http
  • boom you just crossed the line
  • lots of challenges for interoping http with non-http systems
  • archive.org
  • with Dat, have local copy
  • sidenote: trust, where does it come from
  • icann video - alternatives to dns
  • replace gltds
  • ens
  • the b word
  • groups
  • friendlier than hashtags
  • food to me isn't food to another
  • people in interested like minded topics
  • meta: in this conversation, a broad topic (beyond http) narrowed the fov to a single use-case (fb groups replacement)
  • rel=payment
  • this is how they got ninja over to mixer
  • game streamer with huge following
  • ms bought him out to get him to mixer
  • wordpress guy is shutting us down for group photo
  • This meeting has been terminated by host

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