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Personal Website Demos at IndieWebCamp SF 2019.

Jeremy Keith

  • Jeremy Keith, https://adactio.com
  • He's been blogging since 2001
  • treats IWC as 'selfish' me time
  • does 'silly' things with his archives during IWCs
  • He is inspired by doing it with other people


  • Tantek Çelik, https://tantek.com
  • dual SSL/http
  • Just posted a note that he was at IWC SF
  • He cross-posts to Twitter
  • Links back to original post
  • None of these silos had sequential navigation....so he implemented arrow keys
  • He thinks your site should work without JS

Jen Simmons

  • https://jensimmons.com
  • Bought this domain in 2000+-
  • Didn't have $50 in the 90s.
  • First email, then hand coded
  • Then learned flash
  • Moved to PHL, realized Flash didn't run, et.
  • Gave up, switched to Blogger... WordPress...
  • Thought a lot about what she was putting there
  • Got a lot of ---- being a woman in tech
  • Website seems to have a purpose and not about her specifically.
  • Had a Drupal site and got hacked, etc
  • Site is now Eleventy
  • Plan is to build a blog, self-discover...still has not done it 7 years later.

John Nelson

  • http://johnbnelson.com
  • His page is HTML3 friendly
  • During dissertation procrastination, thoughts.johnbnelson.com...
  • All Jupyter notebooks
  • Also had syndication via Beaker and Dat
  • Forgot this existed and things are broken
  • Hopes to fix it tomorrow

Dietrich Ayala

  • http://metafluff.com
  • working on IPFS
  • Spent over a quarter of life working for Mozilla
  • barbiecake.com was first site, but got cease and desist order from Mattel.
  • Current site is metafluff.com
  • Wants to migrate to Eleventy
  • Current stack is unsupported
  • Hopes to do a responsive SVG hero image

Jacky Alcine

  • Jacky Alciné, https://jacky.wtf
  • Has dramatic thoughtful image on front of site.
  • Has a pre-contact questionnaire on his contact page.
  • Working on fortress.ngrok.io, which is IndieAuthish
  • Log in as You
  • "This is you, this is your domain, let's bring them together

Bradley Allen

  • http://bradleyallen.info
  • Also on Eleventy
  • Realized he doesn't know how it works.
  • Used to rolling his own
  • Quotes, "Comprehension before Configuration"
  • Trying to back up to understand before proceeding
  • Does not want to be anti-JS, but believes you should be able to run a site without it
  • He does not syndicate to anyone... Twitter is beneath him....
  • He knows how things used to be, he knows how things are...wants to connect directly
  • He just wants to be connected to you and you and you , directly
  • Just over the past few days...thinking of going back....BBEdit...
  • Getting up to modern CSS...
  • These things were his strengths... but he just want to see us
  • Indiewebify.me is great
  • Bridgy is great, and is cool, but... why is he doing this
  • Person to person

David Shanske

  • David Shanske, https://david.shanske.com/
  • Puts map locations on his website
  • Altitude, weather, timezone
  • This is my website, it is functional
  • I use it to post all sorts of things
  • Lots of location work
  • Like checkins via Swarm and OwnYourSwarm
  • Also doing all the video for this event
  • location changes the timezone of his published posts automatically

Benjamin De Kosnik

  • http://benjamin.dekosnik.com
  • Trying to find his user page
  • trying to register for the indiewebcamp
  • Main art website and works for Mozilla.
  • Also does a reserch project at Berkeley called alpha60.co
  • Linked to a git repository
  • Put all this on the wiki but couldn't find it
  • Looking for ideas for a new project, a website for intellectuals... seeing where women intellectuals in the art field who don't have a web presence... wants to entice them with a social hook on a free backend
  • Just scoping the situation at IWC and letting ideas percolate

Johannes Ernst

  • Johannes Ernst
  • Showing http://project-springtime.org
  • Open Source style hydroponics
  • Pictures of green stuff
  • documentation = easy cloning
  • One was dinner
  • vegetables taste amazing
  • Giving a sales pitch for eating your vegetables
  • Let's say you want to document your hydroponics system...
  • Shows his hydroponics rig
  • Hooking up an ESP32 and PI to monitor
  • Shows parts lists, with drawings.
  • it's hard to publish anything on the web that is a technical drawing
  • svg is too complicated to edit
  • Simplified Computer ided Drafting, built Draftingjs.gitlab.io to describe diagrams


  • Attendee just bought analogik.com
  • Nothing is there, but it is the Future Home of Something Cool

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