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Beaker is a discontinued browser supporting the Hypercore protocol, and notable as an example of making non-HTTP "distributed" protocols more user-friendly.


The v1.0 beta was announced 2020-05-14

Before v1.0, Beaker relied on the Dat protocol, use of which has been limited to read-only.

  • 2021-09-09 Paul Frazee: Hello, world (archived) talks a little more about Beaker (in the past tense):

    The challenge was that Beaker apps had no backend. If you want to build 100% client-side SPAs, you need something akin to a Firebase: a toolkit of databases, users/identity, and networking. We took a lot of shots at building that, but struggled to create APIs which matched the browser's security and page-based runtime model. Having to create a single monolithic stack for everybody to use is difficult, and ran against many people's expectations of what a browser is and is supposed to do. A home cloud is a more natural fit for this.


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