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Attendee Introductions at IndieWeb Summit 2017.

Remote Attendees

Remote attendees introduced themselves in chat.

Michael Bishop

I'm Michael Bishop, http://miklb.com. I use WordPress now but started indieweb stuff on Jekyll.

Sven Knebel

I'm Sven (Sven Knebel), http://svenknebel.de/. I'm writing my own blog system and currently struggling with "what do I actually want to use it for?". Also currently working on Kaja, IRC/wiki-editing bot. help run HWC Berlin

Sebastiaan Andeweg

I'm Sebastiaan Andeweg, http://seblog.nl/. I've had my domain for a long time, but it has been silent for quite a while and I'm glad to have IndieWeb make it noisy again :) using a modified Kirby CMS now.

Mark Hendrickson

I'm Mark Hendrickson, http://markmhendrickson.com, a designer / developer / PM for startups originally from San Francisco but now living in Barcelona, Spain for a few years now. My main IndieWeb project is Neotoma (https://github.com/neotoma), a PESOS-style consumer app to empower users to easily sync all of their silo data historically and going forward to their cloud storage of choice (Dropbox etc).

Martijn van der Ven

I’m Martijn van der Ven, http://vanderven.se/martijn/. I am probably better known as just Zegnat here on the chat. I have a task list up on http://wiki.zegnat.net/iws-task-list for this weekend. I also host the Virtual Homebrew Website Club on CEST time (upcoming Wednesday people!)

Planning to do a lot of community wrangling and outreach to organisers, so if that is something you are interested in helping with hit me.

Calum Ryan

I’m Calum Ryan, http://calumryan.com. I’ve written my own CMS in PHP for notes and IndieWeb features like sending Webmentions and Micropub for Instagram/Swarm. The rest of my site containing blog posts is rendered in Jekyll. I’ve organised Homebrew Website Club London for the past year

Kyle Mahan

Hi I'm Kyle Mahan, https://kylewm.com. I've been AWOL for a while, catching up on what's going on in the community :) Good to see you all, albeit remotely. Exciting to see many people I don't recognize.

Jonny Barnes

I’m Jonny Barnes, my site is at http://jonnybarnes.uk, it's written with the Laravel framework. Just recently got my micropub endpoint to work with OwnYourSwarm and OwnYourGram, though I need to fix the published date for ownyourswarm, I’ll checkin somewhere with the Swarm app, then goto my site and see the post say it happened “58 minutes from now”

Chris Aldrich

Hi everyone, I'm Chris Aldrich, http://boffosocko.com (WordPress), http://stream.boffosocko.com (Known). I like to try to break all the things. I also apparently like rel=me.

Aaron Patterson

Hi! I'm Aaron, http://aaroncommand.com.

  • Hybrid dev/biz guy. Founded a WordPress dev agency and a travel site.
  • "Gen 1"
  • Found out about IndieWeb this year through media coverage and Tantek, very exciting. Currently in info-absorbing mode.
  • Conference goal: learn more, launch a personal Indiewebified WP site, and stop posting to Facebook directly.
  • The challenge that excites me the most: pushing this stuff out to Gens 3 and 4
  • Also, resident in Bangkok where it's 2am. So likely to pass out before the day ends 😛

Sebastian Lasse

Hello IndieWeb - Sebastian Lasse here, a journalist, photojournalist, documentary producer from Germany. My page is http://sebastianlasse.de but it is pretty old. I'll update it in a 100days challenge. Elsewhere http://plus.google.com/+SebastianLasse - I am currently developing a decentralized CMS on Node.js : "redaktor" /cc. markmhendrickso


1-minute lightning intros!

Tantek Çelik

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki, http://aaronpk.com
  • little bio section, then recent posts
  • last thing he got working (IWC germany): little blue dot that shows that he is still at the location of his checkin
  • homepage has a thumbnail map that can zoom into his location, stolen from “old Flickr

Josh Juran

  • http://v68k.org
  • most recent change: static image from emulation will be replaced by animated gif on mouse hover
  • animation is only there when you want it
  • also metamage.com
    • has collapsible sections on the resume

Scott Jenson

  • Scott Jenson, http://jenson.org
  • slow publish of articles; 4 to 6 per year to form a book.
  • each article is 1500-2000 words
  • that's all he does on his site currently; “edge corner” of indieweb
  • website was redone to do the indieweb stuff, but turned off; couldn't keep up

Johannes Ernst

Jonathan LeCour

  • Jonathan LaCour, http://cleverdevil.io
  • got into indieweb as dreamhost employee
  • his site runs Known
  • new things: “on this day” feature
    • shows that a year ago he was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • does a live demo of starting to watch a video on his phone
    • shows up on his website that he watched E.T.

Ward Cunningham

Marty McGuire

gRegor Morrill

Doug Beal


Ben Werdmuller

Grant Richmond

Jim Pick

John Allsopp

Victoria Wang

Jean Macdonald

Mike Sugarbaker

Amit Patel

Mike Caulfield

  • http://digipo.io
  • runs a cross-institutional web literacy project to teach students to investigate truth of things they find on the web
  • Python static site generation from Google Docs written by students.

Jack Jamieson

Pete Forsyth

Michelle JL

Sebastian Kippe


  • Tom has no website to show, but is here to learn
  • Mostly does marketing and storytelling. Works at a university in NE Portland.
  • Help information security teams

David Shanske

  • David Shanske http://david.shanske.com
  • wants to be called out if he does not post anything on his site in the next 24 hours
  • RSVPed to this event recently, and then found a bug in RSVP
  • refers to Chris Aldrich instead of his own site to see his products in work
  • responsible for WordPress plugins: Post Kinds, Syndication Links; contributes to Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks plugins

Mitch Kiah

  • been trying to get back control of digital life by running lots of open source software. what I've been finding is there's only so many open source projects to do what you want.
  • has nextcloud / wallabag / gog server, but getting to the point where he wants to write his own stuff
  • hopefully by tomorrow I'll have something on http://pseudo.coffee rather than just blank

Tom Brown

Chris (or John Henry)

  • Goes by John Henry online sometimes
  • currently redoing his personal website, so showing a little side project:
  • http://decentralize.tech Trying to catalog a bunch of different open web/decentralized web projects, curate best resources/advocacy
  • latest thing he accomplished was a replacement for jQuery's slide-down function.


Anton Podviaznikov

  • http://podviaznikov.com
  • shows basic blog posts
  • started posting reviews to his own site instead of to Goodreads
  • also posts quotes and highlights
  • page with all quotes from all books, but might “not be legal”
  • shows a now page to see what he is doing right now