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NeoCities is a free website hosting silo in the spirit of defunct silo GeoCities (Yahoo shutdown in 2009) that looks like a stepping stone to getting started on the IndieWeb.

From their home page:

Create your own free website. You get 10 MB of space to make whatever you’d like with HTML, CSS, JS, IMG, TXT, and MD files.

The free tier includes 1GB of storage as of 2017-03-26. [1]

IndieWeb Examples


Marty McGuire runs a website for improv project GHOST PARTY πŸ‘»πŸŽ‰ at


Created and maintained by KMF as a directory for the Lu & the Bally Bunch fandom. Located at

  • Uses GeoCities inspired aesthetics (webring, 88x31 button, guestbook, hit counter, "This page hosted by..." boilerplate)
  • toki pona!
  • Uses some external services (StrawPoll for polls, Bravenet for guestbook, WebsiteOut for hitcounter, webri(.)ng for webring)


As of 2022-03-29 [2]

  • No advertising
  • Free tier
    • 1 GB storage
    • 200 GB bandwidth
    • subdomain
  • Supporter tier
    • 50 GB storage
    • 3000 GB bandwidth
    • Custom domain support
  • REST api
  • Default HTTPS using Let's Encrypt



Mastodon-to-Neocities tool created by tsxyz. Workaround for Neocities free tier's CSP restriction. This tool automates download and upload of your Mastodon feed to Neocities.


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