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NeoCities is a free website hosting silo in the spirit of defunct silo GeoCities (Yahoo shutdown in 2009) that looks like a stepping stone to getting started on the IndieWeb.

From their home page:

Create your own free website. You get 10 MB of space to make whatever youโ€™d like with HTML, CSS, JS, IMG, TXT, and MD files.

The free tier includes 1GB of storage as of 2017-03-26. [1]

IndieWeb Examples


Marty McGuire runs a website for improv project GHOST PARTY ๐Ÿ‘ป๐ŸŽ‰ at


Created and maintained by KMF as a directory for the Lu & the Bally Bunch fandom. Located at

  • Uses GeoCities inspired aesthetics (webring, 88x31 button, guestbook, hit counter, "This page hosted by..." boilerplate)
  • toki pona!
  • Uses some external services (StrawPoll for polls, Bravenet for guestbook, WebsiteOut for hitcounter, webri(.)ng for webring)


As of 2022-03-29 [2]

  • No advertising
  • Free tier
    • 1โ€‰GB storage
    • 200โ€‰GB bandwidth
    • subdomain
  • Supporter tier
    • 50โ€‰GB storage
    • 3000โ€‰GB bandwidth
    • Custom domain support
  • REST api
  • Default HTTPS using Let's Encrypt



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