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Smallest Federated Wiki is a project to produce a wiki that federates using fork history that was discussed at the first IndieWebCamp. The project is also sometimes called Federated Wiki or FedWiki.

Project Description

Who's leading up the project?

What is the Smallest Federated Wiki?

  • Goals: produce a wiki that federates using fork history to find each other
  • 1st Year: SFW becomes a client-side application focused on open data
  • 2nd Year: Many plugins created that explore client-side sharing
  • 3rd Year: No longer small, focus shifts to being easily installed and useful

What's its status?


Check out the sandbox, where you can try out making changes. Ward has a series of short videos demonstrating core concepts and usage.

How does it work?

Federated wiki embodies the CC-BY-SA license. It combines that with a simple JSON schema and the CORS headers that enable wiki-like sharing in the browser.

What features does it have?

What are the next things the creator(s) want to add to it?

What other related itches are there that are inspiring scratches?

At the 2014 Portland Camp I've added drag-and-drop journal merging. This has been promised since the beginning but didn't happen until camp asked for something new to be demoed in one day.

How do I install it?

 npm install -g wiki 

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