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IPFS is short for InterPlanetary File System, potentially a static site storage method, yet does not appear to be selfdogfooded, and thus should be considered risky and experimental at best; also apparently unrelated to NASA’s actual Interplanetary Solar System Internet (SSI) being built on their Disruption Tolerant Networking.

IPFS is self-described as “a new hypermedia distribution protocol”.

There are no human names on its website (https://ipfs.io), except the title of a video has the name “Juan Benet” as a presenter, whose website appears to be http://juan.benet.ai/, a static site with no mention nor evidence that it itself uses IPFS (lack of selfdogfooding) as of 2016-02-10 (site appears unchanged since 2014).


There have been some IPFS meetups in Portland, Oregon starting in July 2015.

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