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IPFS is short for InterPlanetary File System, potentially a static site storage method using content based addressing.

IPFS is self-described as “a new hypermedia distribution protocol”.


There have been some IPFS meetups in Portland, Oregon starting in July 2015.


The ipfs.io website is absolutely selfdogfooded, and is all stored in IPFS and hosted using an IPFS gateway. For example you can also see the site at any other public gateway, such as here: http://dweb.link/ipns/ipfs.io/


Marcus Povey has an experimental plugin with IPFS support for Known.



There are no human names on its website (https://ipfs.io), except the title of a video has Juan Benet as a presenter, whose website appears to be http://juan.benet.ai/, a static site with no mention nor evidence that it itself uses IPFS (lack of selfdogfooding) as of 2016-02-10 (site appears unchanged since 2014).


Apparently unrelated to NASA’s actual Interplanetary Solar System Internet (SSI) being built on their Disruption Tolerant Networking

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