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Johan Bové


Johan Bové is a web developer passionate about the Web

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Open Productivity

Personal Web

  • Get rid of the Facebook accounts used by me and my family and replace it with our own sites.
  • Make sure the content feed is working nicely
  • Add an "on this day" feature to my Known site.

Contribute to Known development

Working On

Personal Web

  • Show webmention on my personal homepage. - For offering a way to comment and like content on my static Apache Server-side-Includes powered homepage ...
  • Add an input form for pasting in a comment URL to conveniently send a manual webmention - see Aaron Parecki's implementation for inspiration - To make it easier for people to send me a manual webmention link
  • Fix design issues (CSS) in my Known site. Currently I have my own theme, but still need to overwrite a lot of "default" style declarations
  • Testing Indigenous on iOS and Android - Getting in touch with the developers Eddie Hinkle and Kristof De Jaeger
  • Trying out other apps for reader: Monocle

Promoting the IndieWeb

More Plans

I also keep my plans on my personal plans page.

But here are a few more ideas:

  • Attend an IndieWeb Bootcamp event - some day, some where, either IRL or remote
  • Try to motivate the Gothenborg Bit Factory team to blow new live into TaskWarrior, Taskserver and as part of the IndieWeb movement (?)