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Homebrew Website Club (West Coast) – 2020-07-15

Etherpad notes archived from Etherpad at




Greg: Showed off the educational sites he helped students and their parents build after hosting a workshop for it http:///

David: Added ability to track moon phases in his latest Wordpress update, refined additional weather-related data display. Now he's working on updating the webmentions plugin for WordPress.

Marty: He's posted an animated pic of his cat every day during quarantine so far (Eternal #Caturday), using MicroPub. Recent projects: Bit off a lot when he wanted to make a stripped down, opiniated version of IndieWeb building blocks into one mash-up. So he's gonna end up building a bunch of versions of these building blocks. Currently working on adding to the minimal set of tests for IndieAuth.

Alex Bilson: Played around with Web Mentions

Used a webhook to automatically deploy his static site

Angelo: His website's coming down so it can come back up under a different domain once and for all! Rebuilding Github-like components for IndieWeb? maybe a new h-project microformat?

Sarah: Set up a stream to post updates across her ecosystem of websites: Had to engage with HostGator to deal with some web hosting issues! Currently working through issues w/ hosting a site on a subdomain vs her main domain when hosting on WordPress.

Jacky: Working on publishing tools! Koype/Publish is getting support for content warnings, tags, and more. Wants to use it to publish to his own site by the end of the week. Working on custom post properties like location, citations, and more.

Tracy: Been blogging for a long time. WordPress site with customized theme. Adding in IndieWeb plugins and testing things out! Uses webmentions but only seems to be receiving them from herself right now

Aaron: Thinking a lot of about IndieAuth and Micropub lately, he's looking forward to upcoming Micropub event. Site is chugging along quite well at the moment!

Emma: Uses Jekyll for her site; Interested in distributed web tools. Learning about Gemini Protocol



Twitter Hack

The implications of that Twitter hack that happened today

  • aaronpk "I am a bot on Twitter" -- great t-shirt idea! ;)
  • Brings up the problems of a monoculture when a single bug can bring down an entire network reliant on the same software system

Webmentions+ philosophy

  • Marty's Webmention Post
  • Web mentions are notifications from one website to another.
  • On top of that, we've built additional layers of ideas and infrastructure
  • Microformats so you can add comments, likes, replies, favorites, reads, listens, and other post types now
  • What does it mean for your site to have webmentions on your site? Just base level? Or does it include microformats too?
  • Top complaint: People collect web mentions but do nothing with them
  • That's why Aaron made it! To hoard web mentions so he could have them in one place and deal with them later!
  • Emma asked if you can use CNAME to send webmentions to

What to display on a homepage

Helping out Tracy with Webmentions/reach/POSSE/PESOS; Tracy's had a blog for a long time, trying to open her mindset and adjust to the idea of putting everything she posts on there instead of treating it as a traditional blog; Do people divide up their streams of information on their sites, she's curious to know how everyone handles it.

Tantek: It's okay to change what you post over time

Emma: Has been blogging on and off for a long time and a lot of it was just link blogging. Now she's trying to do more short-form writing addressing technical stuff, blog what you want, people's blogs change over time

Angelo: Aggregating different domain names

Jacky: Delineates his sites between professional and personal contexts

Greg: Delineates everywhere, has subdomains, wikis, etc.

Tracy asked how people handle with Twitter contexts

Aaron: Made conscious decision not to show his replies on his homepage, only stuff he posted (same as Twitter)

Ideas around Microsub clients / social readers