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Shock is what Jacky Alciné uses to combine his use of Micropub and Webmention services. It uses Tera, a Jinja-like templating language in Rust for rendering themes. The project is still in an alpha state and is not ready for people not familiar with deploying Rust applications.



Webmention and WebSub Endpoint Showing

Since Shock is a Micropub client, it has no insight into the details of one's Micropub design. The heuristic used to determine if a Webmention endpoint will be shown is as follows:

  • if the resource does not have the property 'notifications', show the endpoint
  • if it does have the property…
    • if the value has the value 'webmention', show the WebSub endpoint to let people when it gets updated
    • if the value has the value 'websub', show the WebSub endpoint to allow incoming Webmentions

NodeInfo Reporting

I'd like to emit NodeInfo information on my site to help non-IndieWeb entities understand what I use in a machine-friendly way. I'll aim to support the 2.1 version first, then work backwards.

Content Removal

Shock's built to conform to any Micropub server but it's optimized as a testing client of sorts for Koype. The UX and logic provided in Shock is modeled around Koype's approach for allowing people to remove their content from one's site.

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