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Sele is a IndieAuth provider (client and server) by Jacky Alciné. It's meant to be friendly to selfhosting.

Planned Features

  • Authentication using multiple providers
    • WebAuthn
    • email (planned)
    • rel-me auth
    • SMS code (planned)
    • PGP challenge signature (planned)
    • XMPP challenge over OEMEO (planned)
    • IRCS challenge (planned)
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Serviceable via endpoints or in-built Web interface as a PWA
  • Approve requests using supported apps
    • in-built PWA
    • Android
    • Linux
    • iOS (planned)
    • macOS (planned)
  • Client registration support
  • Per-site app usage reporting
    • Reviewing apps used
    • Shareable as a h-feed to help promote apps