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destination is the site where you want to publish a particular post when practicing multi-site indieweb.

Use Cases

Micropub allows a client to post to any site that has a Micropub endpoint. In theory, an individual use a Micropub client to post to multiple different sites.

UX Issue

Most Micropub clients only support logging in as, and posting to, one site at a time. This requires a user to log out and back in before posting to another site.

Silo Examples


Facebook allows users to create posts on behalf of a Facebook Page. The posting UI on a page allows users with permission to change the author of the post.

In particular when creating a post on FB, if you are able to act as a Page, then Facebook will explicitly prompt you for the "Destination" of your post:

Facebook posting interface ready to post as user

Facebook posting interface for selecting Facebook Page to post as

On the Facebook mobile application (Android), when making a post as yourself, after creating the post it will prompt you to select a Destination. Destinations here are like feeds separate from the main feed (Timeline).

Facebook’s mobile interface for selecting a destination feed.

These feeds only come in “Secret” (or private) variants where you must select which friends can view it.

Martijn van der Ven first spotted the same option in the Facebook web interface on 2017-12-10. Here the mention of destination is gone and it is simply headed “Post To”. Unlike the mobile interface it shows the number of posts already there, and not who has access to it. This interface is shown, as on mobile, after authoring a post and hitting the “Next” button.

Facebook’s web interface for selecting a destination feed.


Once authenticated with your primary twitter account, you can have multiple other twitter accounts set up to be able to post and favorite/retweet as in Tweetdeck.

When writing a tweet, you can choose one or more accounts to post from:

When you click the retweet button on a tweet, you can choose one or more accounts to repost from: