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A game play or simply play is a passive type of post used to publish a game (digital or otherwise) that you have played.

IndieWeb Examples


acegiak publishes her game plays using and as databases for url links for digital and non-digital games respectively. Plays are published as Game Plays under the Post_Kinds_Plugin taxonomy.

When playing games on the PC this process is automated with a python script on a cron job: Plays of other games such as boardgames and mobile games are published manually.

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich has posted "plays" to his site since 2018-01-04 and maintains a separate feed of them at Generally he expects to post them in a simple notelike manner with the name of the game potentially with a link and an optional photo. He does this using the Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress.

Jonathan LaCour

Jonathan LaCour has posted "plays" to his site since 2019-03-24. He created a plugin for Known that creates the posts, and then created a few scripts (inspired by code from Eddie Hinkle) to poll Nintendo's online tracking (via its Parental Controls app) and then to automatically create "play" entries. The entries show up in his monthly summaries and his overview page.

Related game play list examples

Related to want posts, but not quite posts themselves, a few folks keep lists of things they want to acquire or consume.

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett keeps a list of games he's played and would like to try:

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