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Celestial is an evolving Micropub client being built by Ru Singh.


Own your blog, and take back the web.

  • Publish an article or a note.
  • Send a reply.
  • Like or repost content published elsewhere.
  • Upload photos or videos.
  • Create events.
  • RSVP to others' events.

Public Server | v1.0 Progress

The source code can be accessed on GitHub.


I am building this Micropub client with a few goals in mind:

  • Be as spec-compliant as possible.
  • Look good and support modern features such as system-based dark mode and reduced motion preference.
  • Make self-hosting as easy as configuring environment variables followed by `docker-compose up`.
  • Make IndieWeb accessible to less technically inclined folks.
  • To make something useful for myself and others while I figure out and learn backend content.

⭐ If you'd like to show me some support, please star the project. 🥰

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