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Groups was a session at IndieWebCamp Online 2019.

Notes archived from https://etherpad.indieweb.org/groups

IndieWebCamp Online 2019
Session: Groups
When: 2019-03-09 18:00 UTC



  • A group could be "public" or "private".
  • Facebook Group conversin thoughts
    • Group Members
  • A way to send a private webmention to multiple people without having to remember who all is on the list.

Silo groups:

    * Facebook
    * Instagram
    * Telegram
    * Google+ (circles) (R.I.P.)

Different definitions of a group:

   1. A simple list of people that you want to publish to / mention (one way interaction). Normally the publisher contols who is included. This sounds kind of similar to a mailing list.
   2. A forum / chat style with interaction between the members. Normally members can join and leave at will
   3. Twitter lists - via hashtags - impromptu groups using tags
    • Has no concept of joining or leaving
    • How to make a discoverable list of participants (if the group is private)?
  • IndieNews is a public group, anyone can send a post to it and people can subscribe to it (it has an h-feed)
  • A private group could be a private thing like IndieNews. If you have something like AutoAuth, you can be invited and added to a group that could then only accept posts from existing members.
  • People can subscribe to posts on this group in their reader.

Technorati did large scale discovery via tags.

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