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2020-01-01-commitments are implementation and launch commitments publicly made by the IndieWeb community to ship on their personal sites by 2020-01-01 00:00 local time.

For more commitments, see Other Commitments.


In order of public declaration (as in, publicly blog about your commitment on your own site, and then add it here, not before :)

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill per: https://gregorlove.com/2019/11/a-2020-goal/

  • archive all my Facebook posts on my site and delete the original
  • set up an email newsletter
  • archive/tombstone my Facebook profile with a post explaining how to contact/follow me
  • stop using Facebook.com for personal use

Jacky Alciné

Via: https://v2.jacky.wtf//post/indieweb-2020

Your Name Here

see http://example.com

Other Commitments

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