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2021-01-01-commitments are implementation and launch commitments publicly made by the IndieWeb community to ship on their personal sites by 2021-01-01 00:00 local time.

For more commitments, see Other Commitments.


In order of public declaration (as in, publicly blog about your commitment on your own site, and then add it here, not before :)

Your Name Here

  • Chris Aldrich baring any crazy technical hurdles, I'm going to refresh my Known install and get it running properly again.
    • 2020-12-21 After more than a year of repeated database issues with my Known install, I think I've fixed the issue and have gotten my secondary site up and running again! Now to come up with a stretch goal? Dare I update to the bleeding edge or at least the current stable? Maybe just put it through some paces to make sure all the other small bits are still working properly.
  • Ana Rodrigues I want to break my content into different sections and spice up my layout with a couple of drawings.
  • Add yourself here… (see this for more details)

Other Commitments

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