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Homebrew Website Club Americas 2021-03-24 was an IndieWeb meetup on Zoom, and this page is an archive of the Etherpad notes.



How can we encourage tool/solution reuse between individual IndieWeb sites, without building more hosted services? It seems to me that many IndieWeb participants, especially those starting out, end up either (a) relying on Single Point of Aaron services or (b) building their own solutions for every aspect of the IndieWeb "stack" (Webmention, Micropub, a posting interface, etc.) This problem could be addressed with a stronger culture of developing reusable libraries for IW tasks, but turning your own code into a library usable by others isn't always easy.

  • pros, cons, use cases, and UX considerations of doing real-time chat on your web site (such as communicating with visitors) or via your web site (such as with a hypothetical "chat-message" post type that syndicates to IRC or Discord?
  • - One year later..."During tonight’s online Indieweb NYC Meetup, I asked the question: If in 100 years, all historians had to learn about you was what was on your website…would that be enough?"

Evergreen Pages

Protecting Static Pages

  • do protection, authorization w/in the server config in front of the statically rendered pages
  • encrypt the pages, then use JS to decrypt with a password entered by user
    • extends to multiple passwords - Chef Vault uses one encrypted file to allow multiple users to authenticate
  • To reduce the payload size, you can fetch the encrypted content with an AJAX request after the password is verified

Page Type Good for now

Musicbrainz music data is public domain, free to contribute to, has an open-source server implementation, and their data is available to download altogether:


    • automatically "own-your-link" by mapping eg.{SUFFIX} to{SUFFIX}
    • selectively "own-your-link" by mapping eg.{PROJECT} to{PROJECT}
    • further brainstorming: keep a list of domains to redirect, and optional pattern (e.g. with silo profile path) to redirect


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