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Homebrew Website Club West Coast 2020-08-26



Introductions and Demos

  • Chris Aldrich working at creating a file based website as a zettelkasten or for public note taking
    • set up a GitHub pages site to try to dovetail with Obsidian
  • Emma Humphries
    • added offline worker to her site
    • writing a series of posts on bug handling based on her work at Mozilla



There are no upcoming pop ups at the moment. Short discussion on adding a few as well as potentially organizing a fall IWC East. Chaitanya mentioned organizing an online HWC around an Indian timezone.


Does webspeed matter for personal websites


Multiple fonts? They load very slowly.

Bootstrap was 50x the size of the HTML he was trying to communicate

  • Reasons why to have better speed
    • Readers with poor bandwidth
    • Saving website/server resources

Possibly related

Scots Wikipedia fiasco

Scottish language version was written in "poor" grammar by one user over seven years


To ascend or to descend, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind...

  • archive page design
  • chronological or reverse-chronological?
  • see chat for more discussion early that day

Eric Meyer has an article referenced from Kartik Prabhu's article find them here:

Eric Meyer has written about this before in Weblog Weirdness and First-Order Solutions. Notice that those pages have posts in a proper chronological order though his homepage is in reverse-chronological order. He also uses the “older to left” pattern on his archive pages.

Accessiblity and language/cultural preferences

From a UI perspective, language may affect how people perceive and think about time in various settings:

  • Lancaster University. "Language shapes how the brain perceives time." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 2 May 2017.
    • Recap of journal article: Emanuel Bylund and Panos Athanasopoulos. The Whorfian Time Warp: Representing Duration Through the Language Hourglass. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 2017 DOI: 10.1037/xge0000314.supp

Archive navigation options...

Example of Tumblr's UX treatment of archive navigation:

Small Web

  • See small web for origins, history, latest articles.
    • See for another manifesto.
  • See also notes from chat over the last few days as well as conversation on those posts on HackerNews

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