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Homebrew Website Club Americas 2021-03-03 was an IndieWeb meetup on Zoom, and this page is an archive of the Etherpad notes.



Newcomer introductions

Welcome Sumner - follows Drew DeVault online, heard about HWC/IW thru him

Herb returns for a second night - go Herb!

  • prefers to write long essays on things that interests him; first website ( was writing about rock music
  • aware of IW movment several yeares - has a Microblog - found HWC thru someone there

Welcome Kevin Choi

  • new to programming; 2 years ago built a personal site with a template, now he wants to start from sccrach

Welcome Ben Atkin!

  • personal blog on Wordpress
  • Ben and Kevin : cofounders of
    • building a wiki with characteristics similar to Jupypter notebook or Observable - "the data comes alive"

Cleverdevil had a good post on health related data this week that's tangential to the running/exercise bit:

Aaronpk's logging of locations: - may have details about people with implementations that hide their home location for example

See also Fire Eagle for additional techniques on providing different granularity of location information

More demos!

Someone takes math lecture notes in LaTeX!

I highly recommend this article if you're at all interested in vim or LaTeX! -Jacob I've written a simple Javascript animation of auto-completing snippets to incorporate in a future blog post:

Welcome Aaron Klemm!

  • runs a Known instance for his personal site

Question: What to put at the root of your website?

David Shanske my problem is date-based navigation (see archive)

  • If you're on a single post, there's no link to all the posts of that day (or month)

Jacob asked about having a feed aggregator feature on his own website (not login protected)

Example of public aggregator feed for indieweb topic:

Planet following indieweb sites, opt-in:

Community Specs including Microsub

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