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  • Joseph finished and released sttrng, his bookmarking extension for Chrome hyper://67faabfa405ba9c578f26fcbde53a472ab5ff9651f4ed961c949c8dd960c98e9/#/DLOG/Kevin~67faab.fa405ba9c578f26fcbde53a472ab5ff9651f4ed961c949c8dd960c98e9/posts

    • here's my (KevinMarks) version hyper://88a7a9b3f7346a75cdaac6a6a83c64c0a5ca9a4b1d7ea3490dcca0bed2079455/#/DLOG/KevinMarks~88a7a9.b3f7346a75cdaac6a6a83c64c0a5ca9a4b1d7ea3490dcca0bed2079455/posts/post/p88a7a9b3-2020dec17-f436503a
    • old presentaiton on dat and beaker by KM

Carla completed Mister Clay's website:

When subscribing - you get a very interesting message

Variable fonts free course

Axis-praxis gives you the CSS code

Replying to silos with just a link:

This tweet just has a link

the twitter card in this post is shown as a reply

that also means that you can edit a tweet by changing the twitter preview…