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Homebrew Website Club Meetup



- – Homebrew Website Club broadcast & peer-to-peer meetup & beforehand:
• optional 17:30-18:30 – quiet writing hour for the venues that explicitly have it.

All times are Pacific Time unless otherwise noted in venues.


San Francisco
Quip, 988 Market St. (at 6th), 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA
(no writing hour)
Esri R&D Center, 309 SW 6th Ave, Ste. 600, Portland, OR
Intelligentsia Coffee, 53 East Randolph St., Chicago, IL
Note the Chicago meeting is at 18:30 CDT
Diamonds Coffee Shoppe, 1618 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Note the Minneapolis meeting is at 19:30 CDT (will sync with PDX and SF at 20:30 CDT / 18:30 PDT)


(new!) 17:30-18:30 Writing hour before the meetup. Come on by to blog or do other writing quietly.

Homebrew Website Club Meetup: Are you building your own website? Indie reader? Personal publishing web app? Or some other digital magic-cloud proxy? If so, come on by and join a gathering of people with likeminded interests. Bring your friends that want to start a personal web site. Exchange information, swap ideas, talk shop, help work on a project...

See the Homebrew Website Club Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 for a description of the first meeting.


San Francisco:




Optional RSVP - just show up! You're encouraged to RSVP by any or all of:

  • adding your name below (and indicate parenthetically if you're in for writing hour)
  • sending an indie RSVP to the respective indie event listed above for your location,
  • RSVPing on its POSSE copy on Facebook (also linked above)

Or just show up and say hi! We're a friendly bunch. You may also RSVP after attending.

San Francisco:


  • ... add yourself!




San Francisco notes

  • Ryan hosted Brian, Kevin, Walter, and Charles at Quip.
  • Brian and the rest of us talked about full stack vs frontend development.
  • Walter discussed StormSavvy, the webapp he's building that helps civil engineering projects manage different kinds of compliance. (He's a civil engineer by day.)
  • Charles is primarily interested in owning quantified self type data - Strava, GPS, etc. We discussed lifestreaming/lifelogging platforms, ThinkUp, and Socialsafe.
  • Kevin said he's still hoping to get NoterLive working again. We discussed Heroku deployment woes, Paas vs IaaS, etc.

Portland notes

  • Aaron showed his latest work on and demonstrated posting with Quill
  • Bret posted a photo on Instagram which was PESOS'd to his site with OwnYourGram
  • Discussion about what an alternative DNS system would look like. Possibly based on a web of trust, with no single registry of domains.
    • Similar to how a group of people can refer to each other by first name, and don't need to disambiguate until someone with the same first name shows up.
  • Definitely a need for making domain name registration easier
  • set up IndieAuth on his domain and signed in to the wiki!
  • Jason also demo'd as an auth mechanism
  • Jason and Aaron talked briefly about, wanting to further refine it and see how it could be adapted to serve other communities
  • ...

Chicago notes

Minneapolis notes

  • Tantek Çelik gave an introduction to the IndieWeb, how frustrations with silos has led folks to start (re)building their own sites and solutions to create content on their own site first.
    • demonstrated home page as similar to a stream of tweets
    • showed individual permalink notes along with note prev/next navigation (UX beyond Twitter)
    • showed Dan Gillmor Slate article from Posts about the IndieWeb
    • clicked through to show original on Dan's blog
    • scrolled to show interactions from Twitter, Google+ all collected back to his own site thanks to Bridgy
    • pointed out how Dan's original posts are richer and more comprehensive than on any silo.
  • did introductions
  • Tantek - works for Mozilla, growing the open independent web. Has notes (tweets) and replies working on his site, working on reposts (retweets) on his own site, figuring out good UX for that.
  • Kurt Froehlich - web developer. does not have his own website, but his band has a website. It was made by a fan, but wants to take it back and rebuild it. Show band concert dates by integrating it with Google Calendar, and bring together images and posts from Instagram.
  • Ben - Nothing there today - just wanted to own it for an easy email address.
  • Annette - has two websites and - both are down at the moment. cobbler's children problem.
    • Would like to use it more for photo blogging. Does not have anything to say - "I don't tweet at all". Instagram like crazy though. But Instagram is too small - would like the pictures that she takes to be bigger.
    • annettedianadesign is just her portfolio. gets frustrated with WordPress. does not do enough dev to be able to figure out how to restyle it. frustrated with comment problem. too many robots commenting on all pages of her portfolio. feels overwhelmed because not a developer. just wants to make things that are beautiful
  • Scott Parker - tech writer. have been studying HTML5 and CSS3 for a few months. trying to get back into it. haven't had a website since let his University account expire. likes the idea of the indieweb movement.
  • Nicole - - nothing there right now. would like to have blog posts there. would like to use it for music, blogging.
  • discussed challenges with WordPress, but also how there's a good set of WordPress folks in the IndieWeb community building plugins for IndieWeb functionality.
  • encouraged everyone to figure out what is the next itch they want to scratch, whether getting (renewing) their domain, or a web host, putting up a static contact page that links to other profiles etc.
  • demonstrated using IndieAuth to log-in to the IndieWebCamp wiki, and briefly discussed how rel=me makes that possible.

Blog posts

Blog posts before the meeting:

  • ...



Minneapolis - photo by Tantek Çelik (not pictured)


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