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Bret Comnes

A directory of my indieweb interests, projects, and events. I am interested in projects that are low maintenance and long term in scope, p2p and distributed storage systems and anything else that makes publishing easy and fun.


Small modules to power a personal site engine. No spaghetti code. Pure and separate plain text (eg twitter style), GHF Commonmark, and plain html documents inserted into DSL free html templates. Plain text + git storage engine.

Optional static site generation or dynamic server side rendering.

Data stored in a manner that lends itself to incremental rebuilds.

Fix up git pub and experiment with accepting JSON encoded micropub reqs.

Improve slides tooling:

Current IndieWeb Projects

  • base (working title) - A starter indieweb template for Jekyll.
  • - my personal website. Hosted on gh-pages and rendered in jekyll safe mode. source
    • jekyll - Contributing and extending Jekyll's indieweb capabilities.
    • Graceful note enhancement using metadata presence
  • gitpub - A publishing endpoint for static websites. Still experimental. Supports micropub clients. source
    • Working on Features:
    • Auto POSSE to twitter
    • Configuration UI
  • Experimenting with camlistore, git-annex, bittorrent-sync, and telehash.
  • socialwg - participating in the w3c social WG/IG as an invited expert (applied).


  • (2014) Indiewebcamp Cambridge - Remote
  • (2014) Indiewebcamp - PDX
  • (2014 - Present) Homebrew Website Club PDX
  • (2013) Indiewebcamp Hollywood - Remote
  • (2013) osfw3c - SF
  • (2013) Indiewebcamp - PDX

Stalled & Completed Projects

  • iwc-irc-logs-atom-feed - A simple project that turns the IWC IRC logs into a daily atom feed item so you can cache the logs for offline consumption on a mobile reader. Still needs a system to update consistently and to match the recent IRC display improvements. code
  • webmention.js - Displays data from on a static site with javascript using jsonp. Needs some work. See for a more functional and documented project currently. I'll return to this someday, but a broken version is running on my personal site currently.

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