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Notes are the second indieweb project I will be tackling.

URL structure

The stream of notes is at I beta tested notes for a year before I added a link to the primary navigation on 2015-07-12.

This stream is paginated, displaying 20 notes per page. The "older" link will increment the page number. Page 1 contains the newest notes, which is the same as /notes, so /page1 redirects appropriately.

Note permalinks were based on the date posted and their ordering. For example, was posted June 25, 2014 and is the first note posted that day. I chose to update the permalinks to /YYYY/MM/[slug] as of 2015-07-12. The old permalinks redirect to the new ones. For more information, see changing permalinks.

Posting interface

My note posting interface was integrated into my main site design on 2015-07-18. Since I am not posting likes or reposts yet, I've removed those options. A bonus feature of integrating the form into the site is that the form is responsive and works well on mobile.

After submitting the form, the note is previewed on the same page, above the "New Note" form, regardless of whether the note was saved as a draft or published. See screenshots below.


  • note: textarea field; accepts HTML, since I do not auto-link URLs.
  • in-reply-to/repost-of: textarea field; one URL per line.
  • syndication: textarea field: one URL per line.
  • published: text field; defaults to "now" if left blank.
  • timezone: text field; uses the PHP timezone options and defaults to the last note's timezone.
  • save as draft: checkbox; unchecked by default.
  • URL slug: text field; Javascript will auto-populate this field based on the first five words of the note content.


New Note: 2015-07-18

Note Added: 2015-07-18


Before 2015-07-12

I began by mocking up, in HTML, the form for posting a new note. I want the form to have a simple and pleasing UI. To do this, I set the font-size larger and put some padding on the form inputs to give them some room to breathe.

I am going to be a bit nontraditional and allow my notes to optionally have a title. Most notes will be short status updates, but I can imagine instances where I might want to jot down some notes with a title.

I decided on one field for the URL if I'm replying-to/reposting. The checkbox below it will differentiate if the note is in-reply-to (default) or a repost of the URL.

Then a separate checkbox determines if I'm also "liking" the URL.

After my initial version, I decided to re-order the fields:

  • Title will be used least often, so it's at the bottom.
  • I do not have POSSE set up yet, so Syndication will always be manual and thus used less often.
  • The Published Date and Timezone defaults to the current time, so will only be necessary for future posts, or to post in a different timezone.
  • Note, Likes, and Re-posts will be the most commonly used fields, so they're at the top.

Current version:
(looks better full-size)

Initial version:
(looks better full-size)


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