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Pagination was a session at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/pagination

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018
Session: Pagination
When: 2018-11-03 13:15





  • summary
    • identify your stream's guiding/sorting factor (e.g. date)
    • align pagination to that (and multiples of that)
    • don't split entries into pages (what does this mean? - there are content providers which show a single article in multiple pages, eg. part 1 -2 -3)
    • try to avoid pagination comments
    • if you use infinite scroll:
      • don't use a footer
      • have a no-js fallback
    • h-feed needs a previous/next URL if it's paginated
    • closely tied in with /archive (wiki)

  • why/when?
    • data size (lots of photos)
  • why not/when not?
    • comments?
      • welp, depends on size
  • are numbered pages any good?
    • reverse can be
    • normal order shifts content when new appears
  • infiinite scroll is evil
  • why?
    • prevents footer
    • needs JS
  • pagination of a single entry is also evil
  • calendar view
    • greyed out days with no content
    • per day archives for the rest
  • UI ideas
    • scrollbar, showing dates - see Kartik's solution for static per year/per month pages
    • per date/per date range pagination
    • logarithmic navigation (first, XZ previous, X previous, Y next, YZ next, end)
  • "API"
    • h-feed next/prev to link to another h-feed of items next/prev in the sequence

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