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iOS is the operating system that runs on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


  • Indigenous has a native iOS social reading and publishing client


iOS has a bunch of built-in features that are related to the IndieWeb or social media:

How to

How to export photos

If you use MacOS, use the built-in Image Capture application to download your photos to the file system in your computer, and then back them up or move them anywhere you would your other files.

On Ubuntu and Linux, you can export photos using the "idevicepair" utility.

To do so:

  • Run sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-utils ifuse.
  • Run idevicepair validate.
  • Run mkdir pics && ifuse pics.
  • Go into the pics folder that you just created.
  • Go into pics/DCIM/.
  • Copy all folders from pics/DCIM to a folder on your local computer (pics is synced to your phone so you need to copy the photos over to your computer if you want to save them locally).
  • Your photos will be on your home computer.
  • Eject the pics mounted folder from the file editor.

These steps are derived from the following Stack Overflow answer:



Apple ID sign-in dialog too phishable

Apparently it is far too easy for nefarious iOS app developers to produce sign-in dialogs that look like an Apple ID sign-in dialog, and thus potentially trick (phish) the user into giving up their credentials.

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