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Tony Burns


Pronouns: He/Him

Husband • Software Engineer • Author • Photographer • Filmmaker

Chat Nickname: craftyphotons

Elsewhere: GitHub Twitter

Contact: • +1 (302) 543-2321

Tony Burns


My main website is, a Hugo-based static website using GitHub Actions

  • iA Writer → Micro.blogTwitter
  • iA Writer → (via manual export from iA Writer to Git repository) → (summary) → Twitter (summary)


  • Make a full website and not just a business card
  • Automated POSSE of posts on to Twitter,, Medium, and Dev
  • Multimedia gallery for photos, video, and audio
    • Deployed as static site to Netlify
    • Maybe a web GUI to manage the content that sits on top of a Git repository
  • Personal shortlink service
  • Personal bookmark service
  • Personal pastebin service

Working On

  • Hugo theme for
  • Automated publishing and POSSE pipeline for
  • Micropub implementation on top of Hugo
  • Ruby on Rails-based shortlink application to be used as eat what you cook for personal shortlinks