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A demo session of implementations created/made/done during IndieWebCampUK 2012.

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Welcome to IndieWebCampUK 2012 Demos 2012-253 The Engine Room


  • shows his indiewebsite: ebdesign.se
  • updated it during indiewebcampuk
  • used it to login to indiewebcamp.com and edit the wiki and added himself to the RSVP list!
  • demonstrated Adobe tool based on weinre
    • able to browse simultaneously on laptop, iPad, iPhone

(A project demo at a London Titanium, similar to Shadow, was a port of this project for Titanium Development, I useit for cross-platform dev -http://lanyrd.com/2012/starting-with-nodejs-tishadow-overview/- called TiShadow, I have a podcast of this to send out soon).

General discussion / UX thoughts: (discussion about what should your home page be? "/" )

  • mixed/composite stream
    • tantek.com, new adactio.com
  • contact info / about info only
    • aralbalkan.com, ebdesign.se, old adactio.com
  • hybrid static/dynamic: RESTful static content - about info, then AJAX in bits of streams
    • future waterpigs.co.uk

General discussion / UI flow thoughts: (discussion around wordpress API xml-rpc - what open posting protocol is best to use)

Danny Hope:

  • moves files into a folder
  • apps run on his system - e.g. automator
  • creates HTML from the files in the folder
  • adapts to his workflow

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