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Demos for IndieWebCamp Baltimore 2018 took place January 21, 2018.

gRegor Morrill

Josh Juran

Marty McGuire

  • Marty McGuire, https://martymcgui.re
  • worked on fork of audiogram
  • takes audio files and text transcripts to create small preview videos to share on social media
  • previously a complicated process [missed exact description]
  • now uploads mp3, copies text of transcript, pastes it in, and it now automatically does what he used to do by hand
  • crunches them to generate captions
  • visually highlights words in the captions as the audio plays
  • fork is up on github and he'll be posting about it

Adam Bachman

  • https://adambachman.org
  • wanted to take micropub demo from yesterday and build it in Glitch (similar to codepen, but for servers)
  • showing the code for the micropub endpoint
  • showing the rel tags in the HTML
  • demos it with Quill
  • anybody can go get this glitch app, copy it and point it at their own demo site [1]
  • second thing, wanted to take this off glitch, put it on his personal server and host it
  • set up domain name, Let's Encrypt, and the app
  • uses Omnibear to micropub from Chrome
  • and it shows up with mf2 on his site!

Russell Heimlich

  • http://russellheimlich.com
  • add mf2 to his daughter's site
  • shows the parsed result
  • he also cleaned up and prettified the Location metabox for WordPress Locations plugin
  • demos the plugin filling in information (original plugin)
  • activates another plugin live on WP
  • Refreshes and it shows the new layout live in his WP admin
  • forms layed out nicer, buttons, loading popover
  • PR submitted to the original plugin

Matt Burley

  • has no domain
  • worked on a visual studio extension to give microformats snippets
  • shortcuts like "h-en" generates HTML for h-entry. can tab through various properties to fill in the blank.
  • next steps, construct those templates automatically from examples on the indieweb wiki
  • will publish on github, maybe in visual studio marketplace

Artur Paikin

  • http://arturpaikin.com
  • built a static admin panel app for a site
  • shows the version for his note-taking app
  • added drag-and-drop area to upload files
  • shows dropping an image file. generates markdown in the editor to display the image, live preview shows the image
  • demos using a webcam to insert an image live from the camera
  • used the uppy.io file uploader

David Shanske

  • David Shanske, https://david.shanske.com
  • finished a token endpoint last night and wanted Aaron Parecki to help validate it
  • shows logging into test site using Quill
  • logs in with rel=me to test account's test twitter account
  • logs in successfully (which means that the token endpoint issued a token)
  • creates a note with location in quill and posts it
  • demo gods are not kind, Unauthorized.
  • "this just worked 5 minutes ago". was working on logging out.
  • will fix on the train back to NYC
  • Aaron Parecki and gRegor Morrill are witnesses that it worked

Matt Griffin

  • completed his "cage match for domains". killed 16 domains he owned but didn't want anymore. Feels good/scary
  • installed Hugo and mocked up site to put on one of his surviving domains
  • played around with themes

Amy Hurst

Jonathan Prozzi

  • https://jonathanprozzi.net/
  • extended notes from yesterday's Engaging Beginners session
  • created a local Hugo site on his laptop to take notes, similar to Marty McGuire's
  • wanted to set up an activity they can do at next Baltimore HWC
  • set up a facilitator guide for setting up your domain
  • will run it on tuesday at next HWC
  • should have more updates after running this on tuesday

Lydia T

  • doesn't have a website, yet
  • built one for her younger sister
  • set up the main pages for the site as well as nav
  • to help her sister organize dinner parties

Derek Fields

  • http://derekfields.is
  • goal was to add animations to his site
  • javascript issues with getting those animations to trigger
  • demos homepage sections animating in from the left/right
  • also worked on getting a microcontroller to serve an HTML page with A Frame for a VR world
  • shows arduino code

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki, https://aaronparecki.com
  • spent time helping David Shanske reviewing the token endpoint code
  • other project added a grid of blue and green squares to his site
  • people can click to change colors, updates live
  • chose the grid size to prevent people from spelling "butt" and other bad things
  • doesn't really stop "butt" though. ;)
  • used to have this on his old site as a 10x10 grid
  • server records each update
  • used an nginx pub/sub module with browser eventsource API
  • on update, PHP notifies nginx at internal route to push updates
  • audience laughs as pixels are updated live

Tantek Çelik (remote)

  • Tantek Çelik, http://tantek.com
  • small demo - not built this weekend, but built since last IWC
  • added pay /n support for auto-filling $ amounts to all three payment providers at my site

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