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Demos for IndieWeb Summit 2018 took place June 27, 2018.

Chris Aldrich

  • Chris Aldrich
  • helped other people a lot.
  • gets more itchy from the IRC chat room
  • created a new post kind to track his itches
  • indieweb.org is another silo he doens’t want to depend upon for his itches
  • using flames as icon for ithces “burning desire”
  • For Martijn van der Ven’s sake a completely new itch-of property!
  • And a separate itch-feed to subscribe to
  • “is an itch post completed by a scratch post?”

Jonathan LeCour

  • Jonathan LaCour shows Indiepaper
  • If you have a micropub compatible site, indiepaper can submit read-later posts to it
  • is using Aperture for it, aperture has a special feature where it creates Micropub endpoints for channels
  • Showing of the read-later bookmarklet
  • Clicks it on a page
  • Switches to Together and shows a new article in his readlater channel
  • All general social interactions from within the reader will work
  • https://indiepaper.cleverdevil.io
  • Any old micropub works, but microsub is nicer (and more complicated to explain)

Eric Drechsel

  • https://edrex.pdxhub.org/
  • Patch for Perkeep, a backend storage system, written years ago
  • New query system for metadata of the files
  • So you can write something like an SSG on top of the perkeep file storage
  • Showing the commands for querying an image right now
  • Getting a hash first, that hash can then be used to do things. Running a oneline to “do it all at once”
  • Shows the metadata coming up
  • Next step, feeding it into something like Metalsmith

Ryan Barrett

  • Ryan Barrett
  • asking for a round of applause for all the people running organisation
  • starts on the reader wiki page
  • talking about how nice decoupling readers and servers is
  • talking about how there are many feed fetching “silos” already
  • Holding up NewsBlur as example
  • https://baffle.snarfed.org
  • Using Cloudflare in front
  • CDN can run code for you on the nodes to keep work off of your own servers
  • Worker takes Microsub requests and translates them to newsblur api calls, and translates the response back
  • More commandline and curling!
  • curling the newsblur endpoint on baffle
  • Showing the output in Together
  • Successful prototype

Lillian Karabaic

  • Lillian Karabaic
  • did one of those things that “looks really simple”
  • but involved a lot of “getting David Shanske to fix things”
  • Shows the weather at her latest location in her footer
  • Checkins now show pictures. Previous checkins went through IFTTT, now straight from indieweb stack
  • Only problem: no titles on the checkins anymore

gRegor Morrill

  • gRegor Morrill
  • Worked on indiebookclub
  • The Micropub client for everything you are interested in reading
  • Now has query-string support that allows you to prefill fields in the form
  • This will enable to creation of things like bookmarklets
  • It is all on the documentation page
  • Also joined the indiewebwebring


  • https://boundary.me
  • Packaging up WordPress with IndieWeb plugins and small config
  • To run on the Raspberry Pi
  • Reason this is interesting is the user experience
  • Unzip a file on the Raspberry Pi, go to the “store”, get WordPress and it is all done
  • Hosting with SSL etc
  • your own domain can point to the Raspberry with a CNAME
  • Nolan is now logged in to the Raspberry Pi. Sadly you still have to go activate the plugin manually
  • Also comes with an IndieWeb friendly theme
  • And the plugin shows the entire process of what you can do and steps to follow

Malcolm Blaney

  • Malcolm Blaney, https://unicyclic.com
  • project for the day changed a few times
  • discussion this morning around authorization endpoints. Decided that would be fun to implement in half a day
  • Demoing login to Monocle
  • Shows the redirect to his own authorization endpoint
  • Has a continue button to login to Monocle
  • talking to his own reader, dobrado
  • Yesterday had a talk about Microsub, so can continue with the Monocle login flow
  • Now Monocle is pulling the feed data from his own reader on his own site
  • Should match up with the public reader on unicyclic
  • “hopefully they are in sync”
  • Checking to see if it matches up. Doesn’t loook pretty in Monocle yet, but seems to get all the posts
  • authorization endpoint challenge included a free copy of Aaron Parecki’s book!

Manton Reece

  • Manton Reece
  • Worked on a couple of things
  • he noticed a micro.blog user tried indiebookclub, but nothing happened
  • indiebookclub sends a summary as fallback for endpoints that do not understand read-of
  • micro.blog now supports fallbacks!
  • For OwnYourSwarm was using indieauth.com rpeviously for micro.blog users
  • But that is annoying
  • So now micro.blog is its own IndieAuth endpoint
  • a lot simpler for the users this way

Jamey Sharp

Grant Richmond

  • Grant Richmond, https://grant.codes
  • demoed his theming in the intros
  • It now works in more browsers than just Chrome
  • Easteregg: you can keep the theme icon pressed to enter rainbox mode
  • Worked on a site: “micropub example posts”, http://examples.tpxl.io
  • Shows the rendered HTML for post types, the HTML, and the parsed JSON
  • For all sorts of post types
  • There is also a link for an h-feed to test readers with
  • There is also more error reporting in Together. “That should be useful.”

Jim Pick

  • Jim Pick
  • Wanting to merge IndieWeb stuff with Dat stuff
  • Landing page asks for a name
  • It can then publish a personal page on Dat immediately
  • using the hashbase service, the Dat page is also available on the internet, https://jim-pick-indieweb.hashbase.io/ (URL is no longer live as of 2018-09-29)
  • Got it working 5 minutes before demos.

Sebastian Kippe

  • https://sebastian.kip.pe
  • Likes to publish what city/country he is in at any given time
  • Used Swarm with webhooks
  • Swarm broke the API, and will not be supporting it any longer (at least not for free users)
  • Now uses OwnTracks
  • Sends to Huginn
  • Not entirely finished, working on a system that will automatically post to a website when he enters a new city

Johannes Ernst

Greg McVerry

AJ Jordan

  • AJ Jordan
  • Does not know how to use cords
  • Bugged him that spec.indieweb.org didn’t have anything
  • Went to the whatwg page and stole their HTML
  • Created a github repo with that HTML linking to all the indieweb specs
  • And pinged Aaron Parecki to put it online
  • Also worked on lazymention
  • Will crawl your website and send webmentions for them
  • Which allows static sites to send webmentions
  • Interesting server error that would crash the whole thing: apparently false does not equal true
  • Last thing he did was adding pretty job urls
  • in theory the server would start, take a frontpage URL, and return a nice URL to see what is happening
  • The URL is accessible, shows it is in progress, and shows the number of pending webmentions
  • Eventually the page will say it has completed the task

Michael Toomin

  • https://invisible.college/@toomim
  • Was at the filtering/algo session yesterday
  • Thought he knew how to do it, so built a prototype
  • Lots of content on the IndieWeb, but hard to filter and rank it, unlike silos
  • Shows https://invisible.college/@toomim/indierep
  • Bunch of posts that can be sorted by scores
  • Can drag “people” around in the scoring
  • Anything with a URL can be filtered and sorted
  • Can grab posts from all over
  • Lowering Caleb’s score
  • All the scores you set are available at a URL
  • Scores can be pulled from all over the place, because published scores at a URL can be imported by anyone
  • Maybe someone makes a function that filters cat photos, then you could pull that in
  • Or filter out people with political biases. Ot see the oposite of what you normally see.
  • For discovery: people can make groups
  • Groups can be rated, e.g. rate up the indieweb group to surface everything indieweb people are writing

Jack Jamieson

  • Jack Jamieson, https://jackjamieson.net
  • Got “one very small job” done
  • Recently started adding read posts, but wanted to keep them separate
  • Filtered them out on his theme, and added a reading page separately
  • Started working on a microsub-server-as-a-wordpress-plugin
  • Started with the micropub plugin, and find&replaced micropub for microsub
  • Mixed results. But surprisingly good.
  • Can now login to Monocle, and it will give an error message
  • But it isn’t the first error, he has been through a few!
  • Thanks to Malcolm Blaney for advice

Doug Beal

Marty McGuire

  • Marty McGuire, https://martymcgui.re
  • Now feels like he needs to end his demo by taking his website down
  • Worked on a little project
  • New project on Glitch
  • He wants to question the fact that we rely on domain names
  • Lots of problems, DNS, domain names, don’t always align
  • "I dunno, this DNS thing sounds like a fad to me" - Marty McGuire
  • https://🕸.ws
  • The problem is clearly visible because they mess with the webring . ws domain name
  • Can add himself automatically to the indieweb ring
  • webring uses hashemoji to create a unique emoji for everyone
  • next and back links are real, not random at all (even though he gets different pages every time) [lots of laughter]


  • Wanted Webmention to work on Dat: DatMention
  • Copying a URL from Webmention.rocks
  • Demos how Beaker works with writing things
  • Post showed up on webmention.rocks
  • Created the Dat content into the archive he selected through Beaker
  • Had to write a mirroring tool because none of the tools support Dat
  • Has a Glitch proxy that makes it available to the HTTP webmention endpoint
  • Would like us to update tools to talk other protocols

Ryan Johnson

  • https://iambismark.net
  • Worked on basic building blocks
  • Was updating his blog with vim and rsync
  • Can now use Quill to post
  • Shows off multi-part uploads through micropub.rocks
  • excited about the progress he made


David Shanske

  • David Shanske
  • Has talked about Vouch yesterday at the session
  • And has been building a plugin for Vouches
  • Shows a “gRegorLove webmention”
  • Not really doing much with the Vouch
  • Also added a new button: he can not only approve a person, but also use “approve & whitelist” to immediately whitelist the sender for the future
  • “Coming soon to a WordPress near you”

Nate Angell

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki, https://aaronpk.com
  • spent a lot of time helping other people on projects
  • did got a couple of things done
  • people were filing bugs against his projects all day
  • fixed an issue in indielogin where a question mark was in the wrong spot in regex
  • Webmention.rocks has CORS headers now so you can test from browsers
  • Also launched AJ Jordan’s HTML on spec.indieweb.org
  • Just set the DNS record, so it may not even work right now
  • For the demo, he is bypassing DNS completely
  • What he was really excited about are the new IndieAuth servers: micro.blog and dobrado
  • Also joined the webring
  • His user ID is the trademark symbol
  • At the very bottom of his website, there is the spiderweb-ring emojis webring

Michelle JL

  • Michelle JL made a plain website
  • Was playing with Gatsby, SSG; wanted to make an indieweb starter with it
  • Demoed on localhost
  • Right now has the h-card up
  • Added a pretty how-to that quickly shows what things can be changed to modify h-cards
  • Will continue to iterate on post types

Tom Brown

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