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Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive computer board popular among hobbyists.

IndieWeb Examples

IndieWeb community members hosting their sites on a Raspberry Pi device!

Jay Robinson

j4y_funabashi is hosting his site j4y.co on a Raspberry Pi since 2016-03-20!

I was using my raspberry pi as a local version of my site anyway and I started wondering how easy it would be to use that instead of my hosting provider (who could turn evil / lose my data) After a bit of research I found that it would be relatively simple, all I had to do was:

  • login to my router
  • forward port 80
  • point my domain at my external IP address.

So now all my data is stored on a pi in my house, which is periodically backed up to an external hard drive (also planning to backup offsite to s3) which feels great!

If anyone needs help setting this up for themselves I would be glad to help you figure it out (though I am certainly not an expert!)

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