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A personal cloud is a software solution to administrate services, usually with a nice user interface. The goal of personal clouds is to make it easy for an end-user to manage a server and deploy services such as email, web hosting and XMPP.

Why use a personal cloud

Many people who are not used to administrating servers may find it easier to setup a personal cloud on a VPS or dedicated server, and from there deploy their favorite content management system.

Personal Clouds are notably known for making it easy to administrate email servers.

For email, iRedMail offers and out-of-the-box, easy to administer solution; Zentyal (listed below) also has an easy to use mail part.


There are many projects under development that are attempting to make installing of server side software on personal clouds as easy as installing apps on a mobile device.

  • Indie Box
  • UBOS
  • Sandstorm
  • ArkOS (dead 2017-04)
  • Cloud Fleet
  • Cozy (may be worth a separate article to document the below)
    • Note: not a content hosting / blog hosting service / software (yet?)
    • Lack of selfdofooding:
      • Cozy uses a Twitter (linked from their home page) and does not self-host any of their tweets
      • Cozy uses a Medium (linked from their home page) which has blog posts that are not on their actual blog (also linked from their home page)
  • Tiki Suite
  • PageKite
  • YunoHost
  • Webmin and Virtualmin GPL (this was a big thing a long while ago)
  • Zentyal ( originally known as eBox, and is mostly for small business use, but it could some handy for many home-server situations )
  • More projects exists, please add them...