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Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith set up OwnYourSwarm. He improved the service worker on his site, which now not just shows a "sorry, you are offline" notice, but also a list of other articles that are available offline.

Vladimir Andrijevikj

Vladimir tuned HTTPS on his page to get Qualis SSL Lab A+ and securityheaders.io A scores, and automated everything with Ansible.

Oliver Gutperl

Oliver set up an IndieAuth authorization-endpoint that runs on AWS Lambda and authorizes users against AWS IAM credentials. Source is here.

Sebastiaan Andeweg

Sebastiaan Andeweg set up an authorization endpoint on his site. People can also log into his site using IndieAuth.

Steffen Rademacker

Steffen Rademacker set up HTTPS and POSSE to Twitter from Micropub (via brid.gy). (demo post syndicated post)

Jan Sauer and Sven Röttering

Jan and Sven build a posting interface. They show how it automatically switches from a short note to a post with title and content when the content becomes larger.

Andreas Nebiker and Tom Arnold

Andreas and Tom updated the CMS page, made it less tech-y and added a data from yesterdays CMS session. They ask the community to help improve it.

Andreas Nebiker

Andreas also “shaved some yaks” and set up a toolchain for developing and deploying [service workers], and quickly finished a simple demo example on a clients page in the last 5 minutes.

Lukas Rosenstock

Lukas also looked into IndieAuth and build a tool to help validate your configuration: given a homepage URL, it shows the found endpoint and h-card, and gives information how those were found.

Joschi Kuphal

Joschi worked on his micrometa parser, which extracts various embedded data formats from pages: Microformats, Microdata, RDFa Lite, rel-attributes and (in the future) JSON-LD

Sebastian Lasse

Sebastian Lasse worked on his indieauth.com like service, specifically a set of Web Components that display cards for various microformats: h-cards, h-review, …

Lukas Bestle

Lukas (from the Kirby team) documented how to set up a kirby page for RelMeAuth: https://getkirby.com/docs/cookbook/relmeauth

Calum Ryan

Calum was trying to get Bridgy to send the replies on tweets (not finished) and improved the service worker/Progressive Web App setup on his page using Google Lighthouse (where it now scores 100%!)

Dirk Döring

Dirk decided he needed a more flexible page to really start and thus set up Kirby

Matthias Ott

Matthias improved his service worker, which now works better and also shows available pages when offline (similar to Jeremy Keith above). He also demoed his new CraftCMS plugin to send sites to the Internet Archive: https://github.com/matthiasott/internetarchive

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki improved OwnYourSwarm: There is now a fallback mode for Micropub endpoints which can't handle full checkin posts and now can request a simple note for the checkin instead. He also fixed bugs on [indieauth.com] and improved the [authorization-endpoint] specification. He nearly finished support for offline checkins in OwnYourSwarm.