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service workers are scripts that run in the background, separate from tabs with the site open, and are commonly used for offline functionality and push notifications.


Why would you want to add a service worker to your site? Many reasons, though most commonly:

  • offline support โ€” allow visitors to still browse (parts of) your site when not connected. Ideally start with offline first support. See offline#Why for more reasons.
  • local support โ€” allow visitors (including yourself!) to interact with your site locally, independent of any network connection (thus not blocked / slowed by) and then sync those interactions in the background.

For a broader introduction including more reasons why, see:

How to

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How to get started with a service worker:

To support more features with your service worker, see the "How to" sections for those features! E.g.

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Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith on since 2015-11-07:


Tantek ร‡elik on since 2019-10-20:

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Things to maybe try doing with service workers.

See the Brainstorming sections of features supported by service workers! E.g.

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