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offline is anytime you're not online and connected to the internet; on the IndieWeb, a personal site can have offline support by implementing an offline first approach.

It's similar to intermittent connectivity, like using a network with high latency or packet loss, but obviously not quite the same.

An offline first design pattern is emerging, especially for mobile (web)apps, in the same vein as mobile first or notification/text first design. The pattern is to design an app with offline as the primary use case, so that features work offline as much as possible, then add network sync and features that require connectivity as optional extras.

IndieWeb Examples


As of 2015-05-09, Quill supports offline editing, but will only let you have one offline draft. The post is saved in the browser's local storage while editing, so you can edit offline, close the browser, and when you get back online you can return to Quill and publish the post.


As of November 2018, a special version of Teacup is available as an offline-first app. Creating a post will store the post locally and sync when the device is back online.

IndieWeb thoughts

Mobile micropub clients are examples of apps that should ideally work offline as well as online. Ryan Barrett's post Posting to the indieweb from your phone describes one straw man design for this.

App examples

in general

text editor

Make sure you have a simple text editor on whatever device you're using offline. Since such apps rarely use any network access for anything anyway, they are ideal for offline usage. E.g.

  • iOS: Notes app


Apps specific to iOS that work very well offline. is an excellent offline map program. You have to download the (OSM-based) maps per state/province BEFORE you go offline, but then once you're offline, it can still:

  • show you the map (including zoom in etc., street names etc.)
  • locate you on the map (via wifi-SSID location db which is already on the device)
  • search the map
  • do simple car-based route-planning

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