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offline first is a method of developing a website that once a user has visited it once on their device, it will always provide at least some content (posts) and or features (like creating posts) when they revisit even when offline without internet access, using technologies like Service Workers and Local Storage.

IndieWeb Examples

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keithโ€™s primary website: has offline first support so it works when you reload it when you're offline, and can even read some of the articles (whatever it happened to cache from before, including what you browsed)


Tantek ร‡elikโ€™s primary website: has offline first support since 2019-12-08 when he implemented it during IndieWebCamp SF 2019.



Jeremy Keith has also written prolifically about offline support and offline first development. See:


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IWC sessions related to offline first explorations:

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