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local development is (or local dev, local dev setup) the practice of having a version of your site on your local machine like a laptop that you can use for development purposes, even when offline.



In 2015, Google applied to register the .dev TLD. In their "mission/purpose" description of the application, they stated:

The mission of this gTLD, .dev, is to provide a dedicated domain space in which Google can enact second-level domains specific to its projects in development. Specifically, the new gTLD will provide Google with greater ability to create a custom portal for employees to manage products and services in development.

In mid-2018, Google finally published the first public website at a domain on this gTLD, https://datatransferproject.dev


Reserved gTLDs

It is recommended to use one of the IANA reserved gTLDs for development, as these are guaranteed to not be registered by any company in the future.

  • .test
  • .local
  • .example
  • .invalid


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