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Demos for IndieWebCamp SF 2019 took place December 8, 2019.

Jeremy Keith

  • Jeremy Keith, https://adactio.com
  • added some more context to his journal (blog) posts
  • related posts, previous: things written on the same day
  • shows an example that links to 5 years ago, 11 years ago, 13 years ago
  • See on this day

David Shanske

David Bryant

Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik, https://tantek.com
  • worked on improving offline support
  • loads the page over https so service worker loads
  • caches at least homepage and a couple other pages
  • now turns off the network
  • clicks a permalink while offline, it shows a message about not being cached
  • turns wifi back on, reloads
  • browses a bunch of pages
  • not sure how long it takes on chromebook to cache each page. in theory each nav should be caching
  • turns wifi back off
  • goes back to previous post, shows a list of pages it cached
  • it did actually cache quite a few pages
  • thanks to Jeremy Keith for help

gRegor Morrill

  • gRegor Morrill, https://gregorlove.com (remote demo)
  • goal to get off Facebook by the end of the year
  • worked on getting an email subscription working (to his site)
  • ability to subscribe by email to several of his feed coming soon!
  • and other places you can follow him (not FB)
  • also worked on some behind the scenes stuff for the email subscription, login with one-time password

Johannes Ernst

Bradley Allen

  • http://bradleyallen.info/
  • was going through the wiki, partially to see if he could follow it, anything he's stuck with
  • has beginning of an h-card
  • section for latest posts
  • has a question about p-summary
  • Tantek Çelik: "everything is optional" (with microformats)
  • needs to template-ize, could be Eleventy or something else
  • some live code feedback from the room

Jen Simmons

  • https://jensimmons.com/
  • showing a CSS Grid demo
  • problem with this demo right now is that it's not accessible
  • if you look the HTML, you'll see each letter wrapped in a span
  • feels ikcy, feels wrong
  • vague memory from a decade ago
  • shows Firefox Accessibility inspector
  • you have to turn it on
  • you can inspect accessibility properties
  • this heading is no longer the word "graphic design" but rather the individual letter g r a p h etc.
  • experimented with fixing this with ARIA roles
  • got a recommendation from Marco at Mozilla
  • put aria role="none" on each of the individual spans
  • it has the effect of removing those span letters
  • all those span containers are gone, now its just text leafs of the letters
  • not sure if a screenreader will do the right thing here
  • best way to do it would be rewrite the HTML
  • put aria-hidden = true on the individual letters
  • and aria-label on the heading itself
  • Accessibility inspector helps you see what's going on with ARIA etc.
  • it is off by default, you have to turn it on which activates the whole accessibility engine
  • you can also check color contrast, color blindness etc.

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