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IndieWebCamp Bellingham 2017 demos took place 2017-05-04 and 2017-05-05.

Introduction Demos

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill showed https://gregorlove.com


Wm Salt Hale showed http://altsalt.net

Joe McLaughlin

Joe showed his Twitter and Facebook feeds. Wants to get his own domain set up for those types of content.

Katie Johnson

Katie showed https://www.katiejohnson.me/

Andrew Kvalheim

Andrew showed https://andrew.kvalhe.im/

Ginger Reinauer

Ginger showed http://www.gingerblackdesigns.com/

Final Demos

From chat logs: https://chat.indieweb.org/2017-05-05#t1494025623999000

Kartik Prabhu

  • Kartik Prabhu demoing his file storage for posts on https://kartikprabhu.com/
  • Stores html and json version of posts
  • shows the html
  • with mf2
  • shows a custom h-* mf2, h-manifold-note
  • his software reads that to know it's a note, not an article
  • shows json
  • mf2 parsed into json
  • adds some empty properties, like "None" but since his software isn't looking for it, it doesn't cause problems; nice because it's not as picky as a database

gRegor Morrill

Joe McLaughlin

  • Joe demos joesmcl.wordpress.com
  • dusted off his wordpress.com site
  • orginally got the account so he could comment on LA Metro website years ago.
  • with Andrew's help found out he was getting a DNS redirect from some extension that broke https access to his wordpress.com
  • after all that and lunch, gRegor went through the rel-me page for adding rel-me links to Wordpress.com without a plugin
  • once we got through it it was pretty easy, added rel-me to twitter, updated URL on twitter.com
  • indiewebify.me didn't quite work correctly to identify his rel-me connection
  • but went to indieauth.com, entered his wordpress.com site, clicked on Twitter, and I was in!
  • posted a success screenshot in Slack after logging in to IndieAuth
  • bought joesmcl.com this weekend
  • updated DNS to point it to wordpress.com
  • will be switching over to Drupal and CiviCRM when he gets more time

Phil Wolff

  • (evanwolf in chat) sharing a Google Doc with us: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d4XY-SFctkdPGIBzPzxBicDvpW1o7b7y0zrOBLcq8fY/edit?usp=sharing
  • "Read My Frackin Manual"
  • a manual for a person
  • wrote up problem statements
  • e.g. I spend too much time getting other people up to speed and maybe that can be more efficient
  • help others answer questions about you better like: How can I avoid triggers, how can I engage better?
  • did some whiteboarding
  • rough sketching of what he needs to build out
  • five main sections
  • capture: quick sets, pre-built collections/attributes make it very easy to dive in
  • indicate on a scale how comfortable you are with things, e.g. how comfortable you are with hugging
  • add you rown attributes / share your own sets
  • help sort the list. What's most important to you? What doesn't matter until later in a relationship?
  • if you only had 30 second elevator pitch how to tell people to interact with you, what would it be?
  • connect to social, work, game, etc. networks, wherever you might want to share
  • what are you sharing? how much explanation, with whom? when? for how long? under what conditions?
  • publish: book form, pdf, epub of this info.
  • engroup: I have a list of people, their attributes and set, can I create a composite view of them? e.g. "wow, half our people are allergic * to fish"
  • listen: provide an activity stream, things to see and that you can act on.
  • requests to disclose additional information
  • notify when sets evolve and update your attributes / scores
  • next step is story level; this has been a grand tour
  • (Q from Andrew): isn't it better to do these things in conversations rather than with robotic AI?

Andrew Kvalheim

  • thought a lot about what he would want to put up, didn't come to solid decisions
  • wanted it to be implemented maximally declarative
  • added rel-me tags to his site
  • theoretically can log in with indieauth. Hasn't tested but looked fine.
  • set a hastily written PR for gravatar impl on the RSVP page


  • Wm Salt Hale talked about altsalt.net
  • main goal was to release Middleman module that pushes posts to Bridgy
  • didn't really get much on that. Wrote out pseudo code for it
  • did a lot of reading up on Middleman
  • did a lot of not-sleeping
  • brainstormed on showing RSVPs for conferences he's attended
  • table layout showing whether he attended, organized, etc.
  • planned not implemented, though

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