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Demos for IndieWebCamp NYC 2018 took place September 29, 2018.

Marty McGuire

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki, https://aaronparecki.com
  • Had lots of goals.
  • Based on the badge / Pokémon session yesterday.
  • Worked on https://monster.space, shows off what he built.
  • Browser checks your location and if you are at the right venue ... Something is supposed to happen.
  • Then switched to doing something else: emulate Facebook's coloured background posts
  • He can tag any post with a colour code and it is supposed to render a background colour.
  • Broke for unknown reasons, showing on dev version.
  • A close colour is picked aswell to generate a gradient, like Facebook
  • Post stays square no matter browser viewport, text colour is white or black depending on contrast

Davis Shanske

Greg McVerry

  • Greg McVerry,
  • as a thank you to David Shanske and all his WordPress work, set up an indie t-shirt design factory with some of David's quotes
  • "javascript is like sugar; only good in small doses."
  • also requests feedback on badge markup


  • Tantek Çelik, http://tantek.com
  • worked on the wiki
  • especially the undo page (see also yesterday’s session)
  • if you undo something, it should not look like anything has ever happened at all. Thus not a delete, which first publishes a thing that publishing may not be undoable without special functionality
  • lots of inspiration from gmail

Dmitri Shuralyov

  • Dmitri Shuralyov
  • been talking about Go a lot under the event
  • has been showing that basic principles of hello world can easily go into running a simple web server

Martijn van der Ven

Jack Jamieson

  • Jack Jamieson
  • set up an admin UI in Yarns to subscribe to feeds
  • can also filter by post types.
  • shows adding checkins back to the stream.

Tiara Miller

  • Tiara Miller
  • Worked on the website of her business
  • Decided to go with Known as a system, rather than writing HTML from scratch
  • integrate several social silos
  • Really showing the beginning of a website