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Demos for IndieWebCamp NYC 2016.

Notes archived from chat starting 2016-01-24 17:07

Emma Hodge

  • created emmahodge.org
  • https://github.com/indieweb/blank-gh-site
  • registered with gandi.net
  • forked from the blank-gh-site that Tom Morris created and put on the indieweb org on github
  • renamed the repo to githubuser.github.io
  • the index.html contains an h-card with a name
  • and a link to Twitter where people should put in their twitter account, already has rel=me
  • https://github.com/indieweb/blank-gh-site/network
  • using this technique we can get a list of who has forked that page, and help them out
  • she edited the Zone File in her gandi.net settings for her domain
  • added an A record entry, @ A (IP address from github)
  • and we noticed that the TTL was 3 hours, so it took a while to take effect
  • meanwhile she also had to create a file called "CNAME" at the root of her static site repo on github with just one line of "emmahodge.org"
  • she edited the index.html file and commited it, a few hours later it worked: http://emmahodge.org/

Tantek Çelik


Tom Morris

  • Tom Morris, http://tommorris.org
  • worked on checkins
  • private posts and venues
  • shows how not-logged in view works with private posts
  • private posts don't show up in lists
  • and permalinks get a 403
  • shows his admin site with venue creation / editing page
  • shows a venue permalink
  • in his /places/times-square
  • each venue can also have a Foursquare venue ID
  • Foursquare API lets you pass along a URL along with a tip
  • so if you post tips on your own site, you can POSSE them to Foursquare and send the permalink to the original as the URL of the tip!
  • did a bunch of internationalization work too
  • switching laptops

Benjamin Melançon

  • demoing Bridget's site
  • she got her domain registered
  • setup hosting at mayfirst.org
  • they do hosting as a cooperative service, members not customers
  • http://bridgetharrison.org is up!
  • here's the theme from Pelican, called Flex that she's using: https://github.com/mlncn/Flex
  • Ben edited couple of things in the theme so the social links are rel=me links
  • and in the footer we have an h-card

Mark Matienzo

  • http://matienzo.org
  • added h-entry markup and Webmention link rels
  • he referenced the wiki pages for this indiewebcamp nyc
  • and he successfully sent a webmention
  • wanted to work on this to figure out use of webmentions for the IIIF community

Lara Fischer-Zernin

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki, https://aaronparecki.com
  • has been working for many months to refactor and rewrite everything
  • just days away from launching this
  • tried to do a test launch today on his cat's website
  • which is running the same software
  • this is the current site indiewebcat.com
  • had to setup all the content and redirects for the old URLs
  • it has been imported to a new site, which is on new.indiewebcat.com
  • the import finished so he can switch it right now!

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