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Notes from: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/indiewebcamp-demos

IndieWebCamp 2012

  • 2012-183 Demos
  • 17:00 Teroperate

Beeminder for the IndieWeb

1. Beeminder for the IndieWeb - demoed by Bethany

callback slurp URL in config page on beeminder.com

pushups - touching nose to an Android to indicate a real push-up

32 pushups!

projector showed monitor with stream of screen of callback results to an indiewebsite:


Danny: 32.0

Shane: 23.0 (+2 that were not counted because his nose didn't touch the screen)


Wild West

2. "Wild West" - DOM Web Page Editing in the browser - demoed by Nicholas

Opened up FoxNews.com to an article

( Edit ) ( Fork ) buttons overlaid on top left of screen

Click ( Edit )

page becomes editable

change the heading to "GOP Apologies to Obama. He has the best solution so far..."

click ( Fork )

saves it and pushes it to a Node instance running on his indieweb site.

The Butler

3. The Butler - demoed by Julien @julien51

General idea: back up your social activities locally (in your browser), without any change in your behavior. Then allow you to serve it directly from your browser to your friends who want it. PubSubHubbub enabled :)

Source code for the relay: https://github.com/julien51/indie-butler-relay

Source code for the app (Chrome for now..; but needs to be ported to FF): https://github.com/julien51/indie-butler-app

Went to Twitter.com

Tweeted something

"Demoing my indiecamp project!"

also been saved to

http://buttler.jit.su/julien/stream.html (refresh to see new one)

Saves off any "social posts" to the browser on the machine locally.

data is available as JSON


went to Facebook.com

"Demoing my IndieWebCamp Project!"

showed up in the JSON

can also subscribe to that stream via PuSH (PubSubHubbub)


4. SIMS - p2pauth private message - demoed by Alex Linsker

Started making his first WordPress plug-in ever


p2pauth private message

in message text:


p2pauth=alexlinsker.com (destination)



Hi Aaron ...


sends a URL to email that includes password

click on link

goes to his site and showed the message

Open Follow

5. Open Follow demoed by @DonPDonP

built by Evan, Jan, Donp, others?

Google had a social graph API - but that was shut down

This is an open source reimplementation of that

it's a Node service

you can look up friends on a service to see if they're on another service

looks for links to PuSH enabled links in particular

will be online soon at http://openfollow.net

Web Citations

6. Web Citations demoed by Tantek

went over: http://indiewebcamp.com/2012/Academic_Citations_Web

design of simple in-text web citations (Parenthetical/Harvard style)

and evolution of hyperlink citations, from simple, to similar common scheme as APA/MLA/TCMOS in an h-cite microformat

other years