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IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018 Demos was the final session at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018 where numerous people demonstrated what they had created and built for their personal sites during the camp.

Sven Knebel and Martijn van der Ven

  • Sven Knebel and Martijn van der Ven worked on IndieAuth between servers
  • can be used by feed readers to fetch private feeds
  • explaining the flow, as described on the wiki at 2018/Nuremberg/autoauth
  • Sven made a private post, which says 'authentication required'
  • Martijn made a reader to fetch that
  • people that are allowed to see the post are in the 'audience' list on Sven's post
  • Martijn started to make a browser extension, but the waiting in the browser was way more complicated
  • So it's more a webapp for now

Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik http://tantek.com
  • he has been working on a secret feature too
  • presents a “secret” feature
  • had pagination between posts for a while
  • also has day archives if you go to the day url
  • the day archives also have back/forth links
  • Hopes to extend further back than his oldest blog post in his current system

Mike Riethmuller

  • https://www.madebymike.com.au/
  • Been moving over his website, and keep his wel tuned CSS and service workers working
  • Some tricky things were per-post javascript features (e.g. for draggers)
  • Now back to being able to blog again


Jeremy Keith

  • Jeremy Keith http://adactio.com
  • Was working on recieving webmentions
  • http://adactio.com/journal/6469
  • Wanted to make it possible for people to “delete” a webmention
  • Made the executive decision to remove 404 webmentions if he does not have content for what used to be on that URL
  • If content is part of its system, the webmention is only removed for 410 Gone pages
  • Another interesting point: a lot of older webmentions came from http, and those might needed updating according to redirects for websites that now redirect to an https version
  • Another removal thing: when a webmention is received and is no longer linking to a page it should also be removed
  • Live: taking a URL that he knows no longer links to him, rerunning the webmention
  • See if the comment gets removed ... “damnit”
  • Has a new current location sidebar item, which sadly broke before the demos

Joschi Kuphal


Calum Ryan

Marty McGuire

  • Marty McGuire http://martymcgui.re
  • shows a copy of his site that is on Hugo rather than Jekyll
  • Because of hugo, he no longer needs to wait 60 seconds for every tweak, which was good
  • Added a little day marker in the posts feeds
  • coming out of the pagination talks
  • Added a sidebar for monthly navigation/pagination too
  • Also added year pages
  • For any given year the months are rendered showing which days include posts

David Shanske

  • David Shanske http://david.shanske.com
  • was told this was the year of the reader, by many someones
  • extended the parse-this wordpress thing
  • teaching it about rss feeds
  • to make things more available for microsub readers that expect mf2 JSON rather than RSS
  • also implemented feed discovery
  • Also found a MIME Type thing in schmarty’s site that was tripping things

Tantek Çelik (extra demo)

  • Tantek Çelik coming in for an extra demo, trying to do a 410 Gone mention to Jeremy Keith
  • Jeremty claims it has been removed from his backend and is only stuck in cache

Peter Molnar

Tiara Miller

Sebastiaan Andeweg

  • Sebastiaan Andeweg https://seblog.nl/
  • Been working on “offline things”
  • Created a website that installs a service worker
  • Shows how an icon changes when the page goes offline
  • Can subscribe to notifications of the website
  • Test button broke, but is moving on to the posting area
  • The posting area should have triggered a notification on the website so the reader would know a new post had been created
  • The idea was to have the Push API send posts to the local service worker to store, so next time you visit the page you can get the new posts, even if your next visit is done from an offline device
  • Later: Sebastiaan Andeweg speaks up: his demo was impossible to demo, it seems like the push api (tied to the notifications api) was blocked while he was mirroring to the presentation screen

Toni Mattis

  • http://toni.mattis.berlin
  • Worked based of yesterday’s session (whiteboard)
  • Did not have time to go through the entire whiteboard.
  • So first started with the questions what is a photo and what is a gallery
  • ... Has to kick his web server alive
  • mattis is now showing the photo pages he built from localhost
  • just appending a size to a raw media url will give you thumbnails
  • Started putting microformats in on the per-picture pages
  • Shows how his local gallery can include a photo from someone else too, not only local photos
  • Showing a picture of sknebel, leading to sknebel’s website, inside his own gallery

Charlie Owen

  • https://www.sonniesedge.co.uk/
  • Ignored all the advice, and bit off infinitely more than she could chew
  • Was going to try and reimplement the webmentions plugin, and believes to be about half-way with it
  • Had to learn a new PHP framework, had to find out Craft CMS does not seem to have any documentation at all, still very happy with the progress made even if nothing can be shown visually


Kevin Nelson

  • http://rkn.la
  • Page loading. Hopefully it will no longer show that the HTTPS was broken
  • Hooray, it is green!
  • Was also able to login to the wiki again using IndieAuth
  • Publishing stuff will hopefully happen next time :D
  • Hopefully when the cronjob needs to run again next week he will still have a functioning certificate

Frederic Marx

  • http://fmarx.com
  • Last IWC he also tried to do too much, so this time he did a lot of hard technical stuff before he even came here
  • Moved from Metalsmith to 11ty
  • Automatically deployed to Netlify for git commits
  • So then he spent today to work on content instead of technical things
  • Added a “Things I’ve learned” section to his site
  • Inspired by Stefan Judis
  • Had some problem with the HTML structures wanted by microformats and CSS grids
  • But is now at a point where content can be added in a much better way

Jan Dinter

  • Worked on a page to document microformats for transactions/contracts/state-of-change/etc
  • https://github.com/jandinter/transactions-microformat
  • Many data points can already be reflected by existing microformats
  • Working on proposals for new data types and structures that might be adaptable by microformats


  • http://argpar.se
  • Was working on https, but the browser is saying not-secure, probably mixed content to be eliminated
  • Been working on structured metadata
  • Added JSON LD and more metadata elements


  • http://derhess.de
  • For 2 years he has been planning to make his WordPress theme more microformats friendly
  • Been looking at vue templates for adding microdata/microformats to his HTML
  • In the theme file adding isMicroformats / isRDFa / isMicrodata attributes will automatically update his HTML to have the propoer metadata added
  • uses renderless Vue-components to do this
  • thus the ability to share the components among projects

Dylan Harris

  • http://dylanharris.org
  • Dylan does a imaginary demo
  • Played around with relayd to see if he could do any redirecting of different domains and entry points of the server

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki https://aaronparecki.com
  • Did a PR to the php-mf2 parser so we can parse the property attribute instead of the class attribute
  • Showing the tests he wrote for parsing
  • Second thing he did was add more options to OwnYourSwarm
  • It will let people exclude certain Swarm checkins from being forwarded to micropub endpoints
  • Third thing he did was learn how to “make photos look pretty”, lessons from Julie
  • The actual large project goal was to have his offline food posting client support photos
  • But only got as far as to get the photo rendering in the page

Remote Demos

Presented by Sven Knebel

Kevin Marks

Greg McVerry

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