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IndieWebCamp Nuremberg Demos of numerous IndieWebCamp Nuremberg participants!

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New website made entirely in Javascript, wants to have the same look and feel as his own website. Wants to make a website where he can show building websites and webapps.

Wrote a meteor app using his Atom editor which he loves that automatically runs a site through various validation sites and things like Pagespeed and aggregates the results


Schrammit.de is my site. My last name is Schramm and I want to call it Let's Schrammit


Demonstrating receiving of likes.


Primarily worked on getting SWAT0 working but that was too complete, so implemented a local storage page for on my own site indie-config which everyone can use (like SubToMe for Indie-Config)


Björn Stierand

Personal site is https://known.stierand.org, Twitter handle @egoexpress.

Used IFTTT [1] workflows and the Ruby script Sifttter-Redux [2] to create journal entries of everything he does every day (i.e. watched YouTube videos, Foursquare checkins etc.) in DayOne [3].

Forked the Ruby script and used the Known (http://withknown.com) API to now upload these journal entries to his own Known site instead. Code for this is on https://github.com/egoexpress/sifttter-redux-known.

Frederic Marx

Site is fmarx.com. Site was static, and he added webmentions using webmention.herokuapp.com, and implemented a simple service worker so if he goes offline and reloads the page it comes from cache.

Steffen Rademacker

Site is https://webgefrickel.de and tried to get Service Worker running on local system. The hard part is getting the service worker to update its own copy of its script in its cache...tried to receive webmentions.

Jeremy Keith

Yesterday, there was a discussion about homepages and how silos show your history. Something he liked was sparklines, and thought it was fun to do that on his own site.


Made homepage improvements inspired by yesterday’s session on homepage designs.

Added icons for organizations in a list, and a more link in the tagline which gets you down to the longer description in a narrow window size. This technique is apparently called responsive content.

Aaron Parecki

Wanted to work on homepage design but didn't. Found bugs. Fixed bugs. Had umlauts error. Hacked up an Indieweb reader on IRC. If he types !like in IRC, it makes a like post on his site.

Barnaby Walters

Tried to do a Pure Data Micropub client, but it didn't work. But he can post a note with <audio> so people can listen live on his website, after which the note is updated with the saved file of the stream.

Tantek 2

I have updated webmention support, based on http://webmention.rocks tests

To debug this I updated my Falcon posting tool to show me what webmention endpoints it will send webmentions to.

The server does all the webmentions synchronously, so hopefully it completes before the browser times out

Bea David

Uses ProcessWire, setup site with a plugin developed last year that receives and shows webmentions, e.g. see:

Pelle Wessman 2

there are some exotic webmention types, and it an be hard to get people to send you webmentions

I built node-webmention-testpinger to send you webmentions to test your webmention implementation

if you can add examples of your site's markup when you send webmentions to https://github.com/voxpelli/node-webmention-testpinger others can test

Michael Bishop

I got my site http://miklb.com set up on Jekyll using https://github.com/miklb/jekyll-indieweb

Tinker Tom

I updated my site http://www.webrocker.de with a service worker so it now works offline as well

Tantek 3

During the demo's I updated my posts on http://tantek.com/ to include the indie-config webaction polyfills. I had to change the Content Security Policy for it to work (documented on wiki).

Pelle Wessman 3

Demoing Tantek's webaction support, I can go to a post on his page, and click "Like" or "Reply", and instead of opening up in Twitter, it opens up in the webaction handler of my choice for my site, which in this case is Quill where I can like or reply and it posts directly to my site instead of Twitter!


Thank you to Julie @iwontsignuphere for taking so many great photos of the event!