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Srijan Choudhary


Pronouns: he/him/his

Chat Nickname: srijan

Elsewhere: github

ToDo / Itches

  • Notes filtering by kind in /notes
  • Prev/Next navigation links
  • h-cite in interactions (like/reply)?
  • Staging/Test site to test new features?
  • Site search functionality
  • Lightbox and simple gallery for images in a post
  • Explicit cover image selection for articles instead of taking the first image
    • Also display cover image in this case at the top of the article
  • Add GPG key based indieauth login
  • Should I enable moderation for webmentions and fediverse replies?
  • Use an image proxy for gravatar and fediverse images?
  • Figure out about vs Do I need to switch to indielogin?
  • Self indieauth instead of 3rd party? (

Implementation Design

Using with some indieweb plugins:

IndieWeb Features

  • Indieauth
  • Receive webmentions (via
  • Send webmentions
  • Display webmentions on posts
  • Integrate with to act as a fediverse instance
  • h-card on home, h-entry on posts, and h-feeds
  • Microsub via aperture
  • Micropub

URL Design

  • Top level pages:
    • / - Has an h-card, and recent list of articles + non-reaction notes
    • /about - About page
    • /notes - Lists all notes
    • /blog
    • /feed
  • Note slugs are of the format: Y-m-d-<counter>, e.g: 2023-11-09-001
    • Full notes URL: /notes/2023-11-09-001
  • Blog posts (articles) have a keyword-based slug
    • Full URL for blog posts don't have the /blog prefix.
  • Tag pages are on /tags/<tagname> and list notes+articles filtered by the tag


h-feed RSS feed Description
/feed/all /feed/all.xml All notes+articles
/feed/notes /feed/notes.xml All notes
/feed/blog /feed/blog.xml All blog articles


  • Looks like and the parser at do not detect an h-card's u-photo if additional classes are added to the image. To fix this, I had to add manual styling in a style attribute instead of using tailwind classes.