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Upcoming, also known as Upcoming.org was (perhaps) the first social event sharing silo, then acquired and shutdown by Yahoo, and is now in the process of being recreated, currently open source on github at https://github.com/upcoming/upcoming-www.

On March 23, 2017, a backer-only update called One Week was published on the Return of Upcoming Kickstarter project announcing Upcoming’s public launch exactly a week later: March 30, 2017.


Return of Upcoming

In particular see and add to:


What's the best approach to take with Upcoming.org beyond just asking them to be indieweb friendly?

  • Enable rsvp to IndieWeb events for users with no IndieWeb-sites – thus creating a natural fallback action that can be used in Webactions
  • If the new Upcoming.org has a follow functionality, then make it possible to follow IndieWeb users/sources through that functionality as well
  • Be able to submit events to Upcoming.org like one can do to IndieNews – using Webmention and u-category. Either have it just submit in general or perhaps also to specific tags by adding specific Upcoming.org tag URL:s
  • Allow for IndieWeb rsvp to Upcoming.org events and have Webactions on Upcoming.org to make them easier and/or allow creating an IndieWeb rsvp on ones own site over Micropub, or PESOS:ing one. Same for eg. favorite and other interactions that may be supported

2013 Site Death

2013-04-30 Upcoming was shut down by parent company Yahoo, one of many 2013 site deaths, redirecting all upcoming.yahoo.com URLs to the yahoo.com home page.

Domain Return and Archive Links

In 2014, Yahoo sold the original Upcoming.org domain name back to found Andy Baio who set it up with a Kickstarter (successfully funded), and started linking old upcoming.org event and user profile URLs to Archive.org copies.

This saga is documented in Andy Baio's post on Medium:

Example URLs with archive.org links on their new upcoming.org 404 pages:

Some Upcoming events lack archive.org links, perhaps because they were created after Upcoming became a subdomain of Yahoo.com:

As Baio rebuilds and redeploys Upcoming.org, it's likely that all the above Upcoming.org URLs will all work directly to serve their old content (i.e. without requiring clicking through to an archive.org page).

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